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David C. Sutherland III.

An early artist and game designer at TSR. Sutherland became employee at TSR in 1976 (from: Silver Anniversary History Booklet). Did much of the artwork for OD&D and early AD&D. A regular tournament judge at Gen Con often running Empire of the Petal Throne and D&D with minis. Sutherland specialized on cartography with the arrival of the "fab four" at TSR (Easley, Caldwell, Elmore, Parkinson). This artist holds one of the most impressive list of contributions to the (A)D&D game of all times, which he accumulated during his over 20 years of work at TSR.

Sutherland even wrote an AD&D module, the climax to the Giant/Drow series: Q1: Queen of the Demonweb Pit (together with Gary Gygax).

Attracted the attention of many collectors when he auctioned off his personal collection and sold the original artwork for DUNGEON MASTERS GUIDE in 2004.

David C. Sutherland III died on June 7th, 2005.

1975 Illustrations D&D 3-Volume Set
1975 Illustrations D&D Blackmoor Supplement
1976 Graphics LANKHMAR Table Game
1976 Illustrations D&D Supplement III Eldritch Wizardry
1976 Graphics D&D Supplement V Swords & Spells
1977 Cover Art D&D Monster & Treasure Assortment Set One: Levels One-Three
1977 Cover Art and Interior Illustrations Monster Manual
1978 Cover Art and Interior Illustrations D&D Basic Set
1978 Interior Illustrations PLAYERS HANDBOOK
1978 Cover Art and Illustrations G1: Steading of the Hill Giant Chief
1978 Illustrations G2: Glacial Rift of the Frost Giant Jarl
1978 Cover Art and Illustrations G3: Hall of the Fire Giant King
1978 Cover and Interior Art D1: Descent into the Depths of the Earth
1978 Cover and Interior Art D2: Shrine of the Kuo-Toa
1978 Cover and Interior Art D3: Vault of the Drow
1978 Cover and Interior Art S1: Tomb of Horrors
1979 Interior Art B1: In Search of the Unkown
1979 Cover Art and Interior Illustrations DUNGEON MASTERS GUIDE
1979 Cover and Interior Art Lost Tamoachan
1979 Interior Art Ghost Tower of Inverness
1979 Editor, Cover and Interior Art S2: White Plume Mountain
1979 Interior Art and Cartography T1: The Village of Hommlet
1980 Interior Art C2: The Ghost Tower of Inverness
1980 Author and Interior Art Q1: Queen of the Demonweb Pit
1980 Associate Editor, Cover & Interior Art GREYHAWK: The World of Greyhawk
1981 Interior Art Fiend Folio
1981 Interior Art A4: In the Dungeons of the Slave Lords
1981 Interior Art D1-2: Descent into the Depths of the Earth
1981 Interior Art D3: Vault of the Drow
1981 Interior Art S1: Tomb of Horrors
1981 Editor and Interior Art S2: White Plume Mountain
1981 Interior Art S3: Expedition to the Barrier Peaks
1982 Interior Art and Cartography T1: The Village of Hommlet
1983 Interior Illustrations Monster Manual
1983 Interior Art Players Handbook
1983 Interior Art Dungeon Masters Guide
1983 Interior Art Monster Manual II
1983 Cartography I6: Ravenloft
1983 Cartography I7: Baltron's Beacon
1984 Cartography B7 - Rahasia
1984 Interior Art Legends & Lore
1985 Counter Art H1 Bloodstone Pass
1985 Interior Illustrations Oriental Adventures
1985 Cartography Battlesystem
1985 Cartography T1-4: The Temple of Elemental Evil
1986 Cartography and Diagrams Dungeoneer's Survival Guide
1986 Cartography and Diagrams Dungeoneer's Survival Guide and Dark and Hidden Ways
1986 Cartography A1-4 - Scourge of the Slavelords
1986 Cartography N3: Destiny of Kings
1986 Author and Cartography GDQ1-7 Queen of the Spiders
1986 Cartography I9: Day of Al'Akbar
1986 Cartography OA1: Swords of the Daimyo
1986 Cartography The Book of Lairs
1986 Cartography OA2: Night of the Seven Swords
1987 Cartography D&D GAZ1: The Grand Duchy of Karameikos
1987 Cartography D&D GAZ2: The Emirates of Ylauruam
1987 Cartography D&D GAZ3: The Principalities of Glantri
1987 Cartography D&D GAZ5: The Elves of Alfheim
1987 Cartography and Diagrams Manual of the Planes
1987 Cartography H3: The Bloodstone Wars
1987 Cartography I11: Needle
1987 Cartography I12: Egg of the Phoenix
1987 Cartography OA3: Ochimo: The Spirit Warrior
1987 Cartography OA4: Blood of the Yakuza
1988 Cartography D&D GAZ6: The Dwarves of Rockhome
1988 Cartography D&D GAZ7: The Northern Reaches
1988 Cartography D&D GAZ8: The Five Shires
1988 Cartography D&D GAZ10: Orcs of Thar
1988 Interior Illustrations Greyhawk Adventures
1988 Cartography DQ1 The Shattered Statue
1989 Cartography D&D GAZ11: The Republic of Darokin
1989 Cartography D&D GAZ12: The Golden Khan of Ethengar
1989 Cartography D&D PC1: The Tall Tales of the Wee Folk
1989 Cartography D&D PC2: The Top Ballista
1989 Cartography D&D Gazetteer: Dawn of the Emperors
1989 Interior Black & White Illustrations Player's Handbook
1989 Editing and Development, Figure Painting, Rules Diagrams BATTLESYSTEM™ Miniature Rules
1989 Cartography GREYHAWK: Gargoyle
1989 Cartography GREYHAWK: Puppets
1989 Cartography Supervisor and Designer GREYHAWK: Vale of the Mage
1990 Cartography Supervisor Legends & Lore
1990 Cartography Campaign Sourcebook and Catacomb Guide
1990 Cartography / Supervising Designer: The Castle Guide
1990 Cartography Castles
1990 Cartography Supervisor and Designer GREYHAWK: Falcon's Revenge
1990 Cartography and Building Fold-ups GREYHAWK: Falconmaster
1990 Building Fold-ups GREYHAWK: Flames of the Falcon
1990 Cartography LANKHMAR: Thieves of Lankhmar
1990 Cartogrpahy LANKHMAR: Nehwon
1991 Cartography Vikings Campaign Sourcebook
1991 Cartography DARK SUN: Campaign Setting
1991 Cartography DARK SUN: Freedom
1991 Cartography GREYHAWK: Wars
1992 Building Designs and Diagrams Strongholds
1992 Fold-Up Designs Dungeons of Mystery
1992 Interior Maps: Krynnspace
1992 Cartography DARK SUN: Slave Tribes
1992 Cartography DARK SUN: Dune Trader
1992 Cartography DARK SUN: Road to Urik
1992 Cartography AL-QADIM: Arabian Adventures
1992 Cartography (poster maps and cards): AL-QADIM: Land of Fate
1992 Cartography AL-QADIM: Golden Voyages
1993 Cartographer The Complete Book of Gnomes & Halflings
1993 Cartographic Assistance Dragon Mountain
1993 Cartography AL-QADIM: City of Delights
1993 Cartography AL-QADIM: Assassin Mountain
1993 Cartography AL-QADIM: A Dozen and One Adventures
1993 Cartography AL-QADIM: Secrets of the Lamp
1994 Maps and Diagrams The Crusades Campaign Sourcebook
1994 Cartography Treasure Chest
1994 Cartography Temple, Tower, and Tomb
1994 Cartography AL-QADIM: Ruined Kingdoms
1994 Cartography AL-QADIM: Corsairs of the Great Sea
1994 Cartography AL-QADIM: Caravans
1994 Cartography AL-QADIM: Cities of Bone
1994 Cartography MYSTARA: Night of the Vampire
1994 Cartography MYSTARA: Dragonlord of Mystara
1995 Cartography DARK SUN: Windriders of the Jagged Cliffs
1995 Cartography MYSTARA: Glantri - Kingdom of Magic
1995 Cartography MYSTARA: Dragonking of Mystara
1995 Cartography MYSTARA: Glantri - Kingdom of Magic
1995 Cartography RED STEEL Savage Baronies
1996 Cartography The Gates of Firestorm Peak
1996 Cartography DARK SUN: Defilers and Preservers
1996 Cartography BIRTHRIGHT: Player's Secrets of Halskapa
1996 Cartography BIRTHRIGHT: The Book of Magecraft
1996 Cartography BIRTHRIGHT: The Sword of Roele
1996 Cartography BIRTHRIGHT: Legends of the Hero-Kings
1996 Cartography MYSTARA: Dragonmage of Mystara
1997 Cartography ODYSSEY: Tale of the Comet
1997 Cartography BIRTHRIGHT: King of the Giantdowns
1998 Cartography Destiny of Kings
1999 Cartography Ravenloft (Silver Anniversary)

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