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The game of LANKHMAR is designed to recreate the warfare and adventuring of the world of Nehwon in a boardgame format. In its original form, it was created and enjoyed by Fritz Leiber and Harry Fischer in the 1930's — now it can be played by thousands
Item code: F105
Type: Adult Fantasy Game
Release: 1976
Inspiration, Consultant and Co-Designer: Fritz Leiber
Original Design: Harry Fischer
Development and Redesign: Gary Gygax
Robert J. Kuntz
Brad Stock
Graphics: David Sutherland
Editing: Mike Carr
Special Effort: Dave Arneson
Brian Blume
Tablegame (contents see below)
Rarity: Uncommon
Value @NrMint: $20
Cover Price: na
Weight: 400 grams
Dimensions: width: 28.0 cm
height: 23.0 cm
depth: 3.3 cm
who will enjoy watching the Heroes of Nehwon in action, under their own command.
The game is designed to be fun and unpredictable without too much complexity to hinder enjoyment of the game's flavor. As such, the rules are designed to be relatively easy to learn and use, and some abstraction (such as weapon range) have been made to suit the intentions of the authors and designers.
The board map depicting much of the world of Nehwon surrounding Lankhmar is also amply suited for gamers who might wish to use it as a basis for imaginative campaigns of their own, using rules of their own beyond the scope of the rules to the game of LANKHMAR."

Box contents
  • Game box
  • Playing board
  • Rule booklet
  • Playing pieces
  • Dice, pair
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