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Thieves of Lankhmar
Lankhmar Adventures (LNA) series #1
Item code: TSR9276
Internal code: LNA1
Type: Official Game Accessory
Release: 1990
Author: Nigel Findley
Editor: C. Terry Phillips
Cover Art: Fred Fields
Illustrations: Jeff Menges
Cartography: Dave Sutherland
Stephen Sullivan
Format: 96-page booklet
Print Runs: First (1990)
Rarity: Common
ISBN: 0-88038-825-0
Cover Price: $9.95
Weight: 225 grams
Dimensions: width: 21.5 cm
height: 27.5 cm
depth: 0.6 cm
Collectors arcana: Shrinkwrapped items add 25% to their base value. Printed on the first page of the module is the FORGOTTEN REALMS logo, an obvious mistake that somehow made it into production. An interior painting is featured in our Original Art Gallery.

"Thieves of Lankhmar is a companion volume to the AD&D® game accessory, Lankhmar, City of Adventure and further enhances the exciting, dark and dangerous setting of that Nehwonian city. Thieves of Lankhmar is the definitive sourcebook for any and all who are interested in the Thieves' Guild, perhaps the most powerful single guild or organization in Lankhmar. Existing knowledge on every aspect of the Thieves' Guild (its operations, principal officers, members, history, hidden agendas, the famed Thieves' House) as well as pertinent information on the guild's principal nemeses in Lankhmar is continued in these pages. Additional data on Lankhmart government and justice and settings for further adventures in the City of the Black Toga are here also. Indeed, this tome is a wealth of information for any who earn their livings in Lankhmar by 'procuring' others' wealth—and for those who may cross or fight them."

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