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GAZ10: Orcs of Thar
Item code: TSR9241
Internal Code: GAZ10
Type: Accessory
Levels: NA
Release: 1988
Author: Bruce Heard
Editing: Gary L. Thomas
Cover Art: Clyde Caldwell
Interior Art: Jim Holloway
Cartography: Dave Sutherland
Format: Tri-Panel Cover
Two 48 page stapled booklets, Poster Map (9241XXX0701)
Print Runs: →1st (1988)
Rarity: Uncommon
Value @NrMint: $45
ISBN: 0-88038-623-1
Cover Price: $9.95
Weight: 275 grams
Dimensions: width: 21.2 cm
height: 27.4 cm
depth: 0.4 cm
Collectors Arcana: There are two 48 page booklets: A Player's Guide and a Dungeon Master's Booklet as well as a poster map. The Player's Guide has a Pull-Out Section from pages 19-29. Of this section, pages 21-28 consist of Thar's Manual of Good Conduct. These eight pages are each "divided" in half horizontally by a dotted line. Both the upper and lower half are numbered with the intent that these pages would be cut in half and stapled at the spine, thus creating a small 32 page booklet.

The Dungeon Master's Booklet contains a Pull-Out section from pages 23-27 with the rules for OrcWars!


Orcs? A Gazetteer about Orcs? Absolutely. And hobgoblins, kobolds, bugbears, gnolls, trolls, goblins and more! If you think the only good orc is a dead orc, you're in for a surprise. Orcs are more than just anonymous hordes to be slaughtered for easy experience points - they are creatures with personality, culture, likes and dislikes and a point of view. Find out all about htem in The Orcs of Thar.

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