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Glantri: Kingdom of Magic
Item code: TSR2511
Type: Campaign Setting
Release: 1995
Designer: Monte Cook
Original Concept
and Design:
Bruce Heard
Editor: Sue Weinlein
Cover Art: Paul Jaquays
Interior Artists: Daniel Frazier
Eric Hotz
John Lakey
Laura Lakey
David O. Miller
Walter Velez
Cartography: Dennis Kauth
David C.
Sutherland III
Art Coordinator: Peggy Cooper
Border Graphics: Randy Asplund-Faith
Illuminated Letters: Robin Wood
Format: Boxed Setting
Contents: see below
Print Runs:      First (1995)
Rarity: Common
ISBN: 0-7869-0120-9
Cover Price: $30.00 U.S.
Weight: 900 grams
Dimensions: width: 23.0 cm
height: 29.5 cm
depth: 5.3 cm

"There's something unique about a land where wizards rule. Marvels abound. Glamour tantalizes. Dangers await, cloaked in illusion. Whether a hero chooses to wield magic or steel, conjuring up adventure becomes as easy as a walk through the rolling hills of Nouvelle Averoigne — or one of the other dozen principalities that make up this remarkable land. And when the world's most powerful wizards are also its craftiest princes, nothing is ever quite as it seems!

Cast the magic of Glantri over your games! Inside this box you'll find:
  • an audio CD role-playing aid with realistic sound effects and character voices for your game sessions
  • The Test of Darkness, a 32-page adventure that takes heroes from the fabolous Great School of Magic to unkown perils. The adventure is compatible with the AD&D® game rules in the FIRST QUEST™ audio CD game and in the Player's Handbook and DUNGEON MASTER® GUIDE
  • a 128-page Grimoire, your visitor's guide to this sourcerous land, featuring beautiful color art plus all-new wizard kits and spells
  • Full-color poster-sized maps of the realm and its capital, Glantri City (2511XXX0701 / 2511XXX0702)
  • 10 player handouts, including adventure maps, illustrations, and props
  • 8 full-color hero cards
A trip to Glantri opens doors to works of wonder like the enchanting canals of the capital city, the Seven Secret Crafts of Magic, a mysterious force known as the Radiance, and lands where werewolves can be one's neighbours — and rulers!"

The Grimoire
(2511XXX1901, 128 pages, perfect-bound)

The Test of Darkness
(2511XXX1902, 32 pages, stapled)
Example Handout
Example Hero Card
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