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Sue Weinlein Cook

Credited under the name Sue Weinlein first, then married editor Monte Cook.

Picture taken from 2003 GenCon program.

1993 Editor SPELLJAMMER: Space Lairs
1994 Editor The Complete Druid's Handbook
1994 Editor City Sites
1994 Editing AL-QADIM: Cities of Bone
1994 Editing MYSTARA: Monstrous Compendium® Appendix
1995 Editor BIRTHRIGHT: Cities of the Sun
1995 Editor MYSTARA: Glantri - Kingdom of Magic
1996 Editor BIRTHRIGHT: Naval Battle Rules: The Seas of Cerilia
1997 Editor BIRTHRIGHT: Player's Secrets of Müden
1997 Editor and Developer BIRTHRIGHT: The Gorgon's Alliance (PC game)
2000 Copyediting BIRTHRIGHT: Blood Spawn: Creatures of Light and Shadow
2000 Copyediting BIRTHRIGHT: Legacy of Kings

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