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Within these pages you can find information on some of the gaming personalities associated with TSR, Wizards of the Coast, or GenCon, or one of the licensees of one of those organizations. We will add the names here as we build other areas of the website to serve as a quick reference point. All entries contain a cross-linked list of the individual's work on official gaming products.
As of 2005, we have over 750 entries for game designers, artists, managers etc. ...

The information has been compiled by Ralf Toth with additional information by The Scribe and Christian Reitemeier. Please write us with more information or errata on these individuals. If you are one of these listed people we would have lots of questions for you!

Choose a name from our alphabetical index list for details. Names printed in bold have additional details, such as biography, a homepage or interview link, or pictures.

Raab, Robin
Rabe, Jean
Rabe, Bruce
Rakeland, Sam
Randall, Ron
Raper, Robert
Rasmussen, Merle M.
Rateliff, John D.
Raupp, Roger
Rea, Nicky
Redondo, Jesus
Reed, Dan
Reiche III, Paul
Reid, Rick
Reid, Thomas M.
Reilly, Roberta
Reuter, Bill
Rex, Adam
Reynolds, Sean
Reynolds, Wayne
Rice, Cindi
Rice, Peter
Riegel, Paul T.
Ritter, Mickey
Ritchie, Norm
Ritchie, David James
Rizzo, Charles
Roach, David A.
Robb, Philip
Robinson, Evan
Rodgers, Frank
Rolston, Ken
Rose, Rik
Rosma, Scott
Roslof, Jim
Rowe, Roy
Rubin, Ray
Ruiz, Artie
Ruiz, Paul
Ruppel, Robh
Russell, Alexander J.
Russell, Thad
Salas, Daniel
Salvatore, R.A.
Sargent, Carl
Schenck, Brad
Schend, Steven E.
Schick, Lawrence
Schub, Andrew
Scott, James
Scott, Michael
Scott, Curtis M.

Sears, Bart
Segrelles, Vicente
Seifried, Duke
Selinker, Mike
Sell, Tim
Sergesketter, Chad
Severson, Eric
Shelley, Dave
Shepherd, Lee
Shering, Jeff
Shipley, Mark
Shook, Eric Nelson
Shotwell, Jeff
Shuler, Douglas
Simon, Morris
Simons, Dave
Simbalist, Ed
Slark, Albert
Slavicsek, Bill
Smedman, Lisa
Smith, Carl
Smith, Curtis
Smith, Larry
Smith, Lester
Snoddy, Brian
Snyder, John
Sollers, Edward G.
Soppeland, Mark
Spiegle, Garry
Spector, Caroline
Spector, Warren
Stark, Ed
Starlind, Jeff
Statema, John
Stawicki, Matt
Stein, Kevin
Stevens. Lisa
Stewart, Doug
Stock, Brad
Story, Karl
Strohm, Keith Francis
Suchomel, Frank
Sullivan, Steven D.
Sullivan, John
Summers, D.
Sumner, M.C.
Sustare, Dennis
Sutfin, Michael
Sutherland III., David C.
Sutherland, Diane
Swan, Rick
Swedberg, Greg
Sweet, Justin
Swekel, Arnie
Szczudlo, Tony

Tabat, Stephanie
Tadiello, Ed
Tarnowski, Glen
Teepol, David
Terra, John
Tetreault, Denis
Thomas, Gary L.
Thomas, Ralph "Cooksey"
Thorsson, Modi.
Thurston, Earl
Thurston, Ken
Tiritilli, Jerry
Tobias, Eric L.
Tornabene, Anne
Tracy, William
Trampier, D.A.
Travino, Wally
Truman, Timothy
Tucker, Rick
Turnbull, Don
Tweet, Jonathan

Utterback, Craig

Vallese, Ray
Valley, Geoff
Valusek, Valerie
Van Camp, Susan
Van De Graaf, John
Van De Graaf, Laurie
Van De Landgraaf, Marianne
Vander Stelt, Jerry
Van Valkenburgh, Sherily
Varney, Allen
Vasquez, Luis
Velez, Walter
Venters, Pete
Vilardi, Mike
Vrignaud, André
Vuckovic, Michelle

Wagner, Michael D.
Waller, Karl
Walsh, Willie
Ward, James M.
Ward, Kip
Watson, Doug
Watry, Dori Jean
Weaver, Michael

Webster, Mike
Wehmeyer, Tracy
Weigel, Marlene
Weining, Frederick
Weinlein, Sue
Weis, Margaret
Weise, Robert
Wells, Jean
Wenger, Dan
Wenz, Kurt
West, Kevin
Wham, Tom
Wheeler, John
White, Rick
Whitman, Ken
Widing, Ken
Wielinga, Roel W.
Wilkes, Jennifer Clark
Willard, Dominik
Williams, Brian
Williams, Gary
Williams, Lorraine
Williams, Michael
Williams, Penny
Williams, Skip
Williamson, Al
Willingham, Bill
Wilson, Matt
Wilson, Polly
Wingate, Geoff
Winninger, Ray
Winter, Steve
Wise, David
Wischstadt, Brian
Witt, Sam
Wong, David
Wood, Robin
Wood, Sam
Woodruff, Teeuwynn
Workman, John
Wozniak, Chris

Yates, Tony
Yomtov, Nelson
Young, Barbara G.
Young, Pete

Zenz, David
Zocchi, Lou
Zug, Mark

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