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Keith Francis Strohm

"A Long Island expatriate, Keith Francis Strohm is currently the vice president of the Pokémon® Product Group at Wizards of the Coast. Formerly a member of the R&D staff, he has also served as the director of Tabletop RPGs and Miniatures. His past credits include the RPG supplement Of Ships and the Sea as well as two short stories that appeared in the FORGOTTEN REALMS® anthologies Realms of Mystery and Realms of the Deep.

He lives in Auburn, Washington, with his wife, Marlo, and a stubborn akita named Osen."

(About the author, taken from: GREYHAWK: Tomb Of Horrors, as of 2002)

1996 Editor Sages & Specialists
1996 Editor Treasure Tales
1996 Editing and Additional Development MONSTROUS ARCANA: I, Tyrant
1997 Designer Of Ships and the Sea
1997 Editor MONSTROUS ARCANA: The Sea Devils
1997 Developer and Editor ODYSSEY: Jakandor, Island of War
1998 Brand Manager The Shattered Circle
1998 Project Coordinator Road to Danger
1998 Editor MONSTROUS ARCANA: The Illithiad
1998 Editor MONSTROUS ARCANA: A Darkness Gathering
1998 Editor MONSTROUS ARCANA: Masters of Eternal Night
1998 Editor MONSTROUS ARCANA: Dawn of the Overmind
1999 AD&D Brand Manager TSR Silver Anniversary Collector's Edition: History Booklet
1999 Project Coordination Priest's Spell Compendium 1
1999 Brand Manager Warriors of Heaven
1999 Brand Manager Bastion of Faith
2002 Author GREYHAWK: Tomb Of Horrors

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