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Within these pages you can find information on some of the gaming personalities associated with TSR, Wizards of the Coast, or GenCon, or one of the licensees of one of those organizations. We will add the names here as we build other areas of the website to serve as a quick reference point. All entries contain a cross-linked list of the individual's work on official gaming products.
As of 2005, we have over 750 entries for game designers, artists, managers etc. ...

The information has been compiled by Ralf Toth with additional information by The Scribe and Christian Reitemeier. Please write us with more information or errata on these individuals. If you are one of these listed people we would have lots of questions for you!

Choose a name from our alphabetical index list for details. Names printed in bold have additional details, such as biography, a homepage or interview link, or pictures.

Abbey, Lynn
Abrams, Paul
Acerno, Jerry
Acres, Mark
Ackrich, Steve
Adelsperger, Matt
Adkinson, Peter
Agati, Jean-Phillipe
Allston, Aaron
Amthor, Terry
Anderson, Jeff
Anderson, Louis
Andrews, Michael
Antilles, Kem
Angus, Glenn Michael
Arneson, Dave
Asplund-Faith, Randy
Atkinson, Toren
Atkiss, Jim
Awlinson, Richard

Baas, Walter M.
Bachman, Rachel
Bailey, Jon
Bailey, Robin Wayne
Baker, Chris
Baker, L. Rich
Bambra, Jim
Barker, Christopher
Barker, Jack
Barker, Jeffrey
Barnard, Bryn
Barnett, Dee
Barr, George
Barras, Dell
Barron, Mike
Battista, Jay
Baur, Wolfgang
Baxa, Tom
Bayless, Graeme
Beach, Tim
Bebris, Carrie A.
Beck, Steve
Bedford, Helen
Beekman, Doug
Behm, Kim
Bell, Greg
Bell, Julie
Bell, Mike

Bennett, Richard
Bennie, Scott
Berry, Bret
Betancourt, John
Billings, Sue
Bingle, Donald J.
Bingle, Linda M.
Biske, Joel
Bissette, SR
Bittner, Drew
Blake, Bob
Blaustein, Adam
Bledsaw, Robert
Blume, Brian
Blume, Kevin
Blume, Melvin
Bober, Richard
Bogg, Penny
Boholst, Roy M.
Bonner, Paul
Boomgarden, Karen S.
Borg, Richard
Botula, Kirk
Boucher, David
Boucher, Grant S.
Bourne, Adrian
Bourne, Stephen
Boyce, Al
Boyd, Eric
Bradstreet, Timothy
Breault, Mike
Brecker, Barbara
Brewer, Glenn
Brom, Gerald
Brors, Keith
Brosterman, Robbin
Browder, Dustin
Brown, Al
Brown, Anne
Brown, Richard W.
Brown, Russ
Brown, Stan (Stan!)
Brown, Steve
Brown, Timothy
Browne, Dave J.
Brunstetter, Aaron
Brunton, Mike
Bryant, Tony
Buck, Ellen
Bumgarner, Annette
Bund, Alex

Burns, Glenda
Burns, Steve
Butler, Jeff
Butler, Jim
Burrage, Ian
Buzawa, Franz

Cabal, Ciruelo
Cagle, Eric
Caldwell, Clyde
Calfee, Robert W.
Campbell, Robert
Canterman, Rob
Carl, Jason
Caparo, David
Carmien, Ed
Carpenter, Len
Carr, Chris
Carr, Mike
Carter, Michele
Caspian, Jonatha Ariadne
Cassada, Jackie
Castillo, Daniela
Cavotta, Matthew
Chaffee, Douglas
Chaykin, Howard
Choles, Nick
Christensen, Christine
Christensen, Troy
Christian, Deborah
Cincien, Scott
Clardy, Robert C.
Clark, Alan B.
Clavette, Don
Clyde, Mortimer
Cockburn, Paul
Coleman, Loren
Collins, Andy
Collins, Arthur
Collins, David
Collins, Michael
Collver, Caron
Connors, William W.
Cook, David "Zeb"
Cook, Monte
Cook, Sue Weinlein
Cooksey (Ralph Thomas)
Cooper, Peggy
Cooper, Jane
Cordell, Bruce

Corey, C.
Cosart, Alyce Bücker
Coustier, Mike
Cox, Tim
Crabtree, James
Crabtree, John
Craig, Laura
Craig, Sean
Cramer, Dennis
Culotta, Paul F.
Cunningham, Elaine
Cuthbertson, Scott

Daly, Robert V.
Dameron, Ned
Danforth, Elizabeth T.
Dancey, Ryan
Daniel, Kim
Daniele, Stephen A.
Danowski, Don
Darden, Tom
Davis, Graeme
Davis, Scott
Day, David
Day, Debbie
Day, Larry
De Cesare, Gregg
Decker, Tom
Dee, Jeff
Deer, Barbara Green
Deets, Ann-Marie
Delgado, Peter
Dell'Orto, Suzanne
De Leuw, Dave
De Guzman, Albert
Denning, Troy
Despain, Brian
DiTerlizzi, Tony
Dobson, Michael
Dolden, James J.
Dollar, John
Donovan, Dale
Dorman, David
Dorscheid, Les
Dubisch, Michael
Dupuis, Ann
Dutton, Jim
Dutton, Elizabeth
Dykstra, Terry

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