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Aaron Allston

Allston is co-creator of the 1994 MYSTARA campaign setting "Karemeikos - Kingdom of Adventure".

1986 Author N4: Treasure Hunt
1987 Author D&D GAZ1: The Grand Duchy of Karameikos
1987 Editor D&D GAZ3: The Principalities of Glantri
1988 Author D&D GAZ6: The Dwarves of Rockhome
1988 Project Design Dungeon Master's Design Kit
1989 Author The Complete Fighter's Handbook
1989 Author D&D Gazetteer: Dawn of the Emperors
1990 Author Hollow World Campaign Setting
1991 Compilation and Development D&D Rules Cyclopedia
1991 Fiction DARK SUN: Astlician Gambit
1992 Author AC1010: Poor Wizard's Almanac & Book of Facts
1992 Author D&D Wrath of the Immortals
1992 Fiction DARK SUN: Astlician Gambit
1994 Designer MYSTARA: Karemeikos - Kingdom of Adventure
1995 Design The Complete Ninja's Handbook
1995 Design MYSTARA: Mark of Amber
1996 Design MONSTROUS ARCANA: I, Tyrant

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