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Rules Cyclopedia
Item code: TSR1071
Internal Code: NA
Type: Hardcover Rule Book
Release: 1991
Compilation & Development: Aaron Allston
Editing: Steven E. Schend
Jon Pickens
Dori Watry
Cover Art: Jeff Easley
Back Cover Art: Robin Raab
Interior Art: Terry Dykstra
Cartography: Dennis Kauth
Frey Graphics
Format: 304 page hardcover book
Print Runs: →1st (1991)
Rarity: Common
Value @NrMint: $40
ISBN: 1-56076-085-0
Cover Price: $24.95
Weight: 900 grams
Dimensions: width: 21.6 cm
height: 28.4 cm
depth: 1.8 cm
Collector's Arcana: The Rules Cyclopedia compiles all the rules from the Basic, Expert, Companion and Master Rules - it does not, however, include the Immortal Rules. It also contains extensive color maps of the Known World/Mystara and Hollow World on pages 273-288. It should be noted that these maps are not designed to be removed and any effort to do so entails tearing them from the book as they are not perforated.

Description (From the back cover)

Whether you're a player or a Dungeon Master, the Dungeons & Dragons Rules Cyclopedia is now the comprehensive sourcebook you need for the original fantasy role-playing game! For ages 12 and up, the Cyclopedia contains the complete game system and hundreds of features including:

  • All the rules from the D&D Boxed Set series, including Basic, Expert Companion and Masters.
  • Guidelines to develop and play characters from levels 1-36.
  • Comprehensive lists of weaponry and equipment.
  • Expansion rules inclduing optional skills and talents.
  • An overview of the Known World and the Hollow World game settings, the official D&D Campaign World
  • Rules to convert D&D games and characters into AD&D 2nd Edition game statistics and back again.
  • Provides all the original mosnters from the earlier boxed sets.

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