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Mark of Amber
Item code: TSR2513
Type: Audio CD Adventure
Levels: 4-6
# characters: 2-8
Release: 1995
Design: Aaron Allston
Jeff Grubb
John D. Rateliff
Original 'Castle Amber' Design: Tom Moldvay
Editing: John D. Rateliff
Cover Illustration: Den Beauvais
Interior Art: Jim Holloway
Cartography: Michael Scott
Art Coordination: Peggy Cooper
Page Design: Dee Barnett
Decorative Borders: Randy Asplund-Faith
Illuminated Letters: Robin Wood
Format: Boxed Adventure
Contents: see below
Print Runs:      First (1995)
Rarity: Common
ISBN: 0-7869-0140-3
Cover Price: $18.00 U.S.
Weight: 500 grams
Dimensions: width: 23.5 cm
height: 29.5 cm
depth: 2.8 cm

"Étienne d'Ambreville, the most powerful wizard in all Glantri, is missing and presumed dead. There are some who would like to keep it that way. Only by entering the dreams of a dying Immortal can player characters discover the truth. Meanwhile, a sinister killer stalks the d'Ambreville family, murdering them one by one. Can the heroes identify the killer and solve the mystery before it's too late? A sequel to the popular Castle Amber (Chateau d'Ambreville), this story is set thirty years after the oroginal adventure.

Mark of Amber is an intercative audio CD adventure with digitally recorded sound tracks. The compact disc features sounds your heroes would actually hear as they meet and interact with the d'Ambrevilles, and it includes three intsrumental themes as well.

  • Audio CD in jewel case
  • Poster-size player's map of the chateau (2513XXX0701)
  • 64-page Adventure Book
  • 8 parchment sheets for players and DM
Adventure Book
(2513XXX1901, 32 pages, stapled)

Example Handout
(2513XXX0501 - 2513XXX0504)
Audio CD
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