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Night of the Vampire
Item code: TSR2509
Type: Audio CD Adventure
Levels: 1-3
# characters: 4-6
Release: 1994
Design: L. Richard Baker III
Editing: Michele Carter
Project Manager: Andria Hayday
Cover Art: Paul Jaquays
Interior Artists: Daniel Frazier
Cartography: David C. Sutherland III
Art Coordinator: Peggy Cooper
Page Design: Dee Barnett
Decorative Borders: Randy Asplund-Faith
Illuminated Letters: Robin Wood
Format: Boxed Adventure
Contents: see below
Print Runs:      First (1994)
Rarity: Common
ISBN: 0-7869-0043-1
Cover Price: $15.00 U.S.
Weight: 400 grams
Dimensions: width: 22.5 cm
height: 28.5 cm
depth: 1.8 cm

"You are cordially invited to a masquerade celebrating the engagement of Lady Laina Vandevic to Lord Iajo Moubotka. Lord Gustfav Vandevic welcomes you to his manor for an evening's entertainment. The servants are delighted to make your acquintance — but watch out for the other guests! Intrigues within intrigues are afoot in Vandevicsny Manor. When a celebrating becomes a night of terror, only the most cunnin heroes will survive!

Night of the Vampire is an interactive audio CD adventure with digitally recorded sound tracks. The compact disc features character voices, hauting sound effects, and chilling music that bring the night's events to life! The mystery-adventure is set upon a remote, wooded cliff on the shores of Karameikos, but it could take playce in virtually any stormy land, should you decide to spread the terror.

  • Audio CD in jewel case
  • Full-color poster-size map of the manor (2509XXX0701)
  • 32-page Adventure Book
  • 4 parchment sheets with clues and missives
Adventure Book
(2509XXX1901, 32 pages, stapled)

Example Handout
(2509XXX0501 - 2509XXX0504)
Audio CD
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