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Lynn Abbey

"Lynn Abbey has been writing professionally for over 15 years. She has said that her degrees in medievil history and a decade of experience as a computer programmer were ideal preparation for writing fantasy adventures that combine a sense of otherworldliness with the rough-and-tumble rules of reality. Lynn lives in Oklahoma City with two other writers, and an abundance of cats." (About the author, taken from: DARK SUN: The Rise and Fall of a Dragon King, as of 1996)

For more information please refer to Lynn Abbey's homepage.

More information can be found at the Abbey bio page at WOTC.

1993 Fiction DARK SUN: Black Flames
1994 Fiction DARK SUN: The Brazen Gambit
1995 Fiction DARK SUN: Cinnabar Shadows
1996 Fiction DARK SUN: The Rise and Fall of a Dragon King

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