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Timothy B. Brown

In the 1980's, Brown worked for Game Designers' Workshop and contributed to Traveller and Twilight: 2000 game lines. He designed the 2300 AD game and worked as an editor at Challenge Magazine for some time.
Tim Brown is the creator of the DARK SUN campaign setting. His congenial partners were Troy Denning, who wrote the Prism Pentad novel series and Brom, the artist who defined Dark Sun's gloomy desert look. As Creative Director at TSR, Tim Brown oversaw the game design department until 1995. In 1995, he wrote his first novel, Dark Knight of Karameikos. As of 1998, he lived in southeast Wisconsin with his wife and daughters.

Picture from DRAGON Magazin #219 promotional CD "Waveforms" (1995)

1990 Designer and Editor GREYHAWK: Greyhawk Ruins
1990 Editing GREYHAWK: Falcon's Revenge
1990 Design SPELLJAMMER: Monstrous Compendium 7 Appendix
1990 Additional Design Legends & Lore
1990 Additional Design The Castle Guide
1991 Design Dungeons & Dragons Game
1991 Game Design DARK SUN: Campaign Setting
1991 Developer and Editor Monstrous Compendium Outer Planes Appendix
1991 Presentation Design DARK SUN: Freedom
1992 Project Coordination SPELLJAMMER: Rock of Bral
1992 Development Greyspace
1992 Additional Design and Development DARK SUN: Monstrous Compendium Appendix 12
1992 Design DARK SUN: Dragon Kings
1992 Product Coordination DARK SUN: Slave Tribes
1992 Project Coordination DARK SUN: Dune Trader
1992 Project Coordination DARK SUN: Veiled Alliance
1992 Editor DARK SUN: Valley of Dust and Fire
1992 Project Coordination DARK SUN: Road to Urik
1992 Project Coordination DARK SUN: Arcane Shadows
1992 Editor DARK SUN: Astlician Gambit
1993 Guidance Monstrous Manual
1993 Project Coordination DARK SUN: Dragon's Crown
1994 Original Design Classic Dungeons & Dragons Game
1994 Design Deck of Psionic Powers
1995 Design DARK SUN: Monstrous Compendium Appendix II
1995 Author MYSTARA: Dark Knight of Karameikos
1998 Author Official Price Guide to Role-Playing Games

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