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Troy Denning

Created the fantasy setting DARK SUN in the early 90s together with Timothy Brown. Author of the five novel Prism Pentad series, which added much to the "look and feel" of the DARK SUN campaign world. Denning also wrote for the FORGOREALMS and PLANESCAPE settings and Star Wars.
Troy Denning 's hobbies include "all forms of skiing, hiking, mountain-climbing, and Kyuki-do -- a form of tae-kwan-do incorporating judo, boxing, and hapki-do. Troy Denning resides in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin." (About the author, taken from: DARK SUN: The Cerulean Storm, as of 1993)

He is also a member of the writing society Alliterates, a collective of former TSR game designers and novelists.

Picture taken from the book 'Cerulean Storm' (1993).

1989 Author FORGOTTEN REALMS: Waterdeep
1990 Design SPELLJAMMER: Monstrous Compendium 7 Appendix
1990 Design Legends & Lore
1991 Design Dungeons & Dragons Game
1991 Game Design DARK SUN: Campaign Setting
1991 Author DARK SUN: The Verdant Passage
1992 Author DARK SUN: The Crimson Legion
1992 Author DARK SUN: The Amber Enchantress
1993 Author DARK SUN: The Obsidian Oracle
1993 Author DARK SUN: The Cerulean Storm
1994 Original Design Classic Dungeons & Dragons Game
1998 Author FORGOTTEN REALMS: Crucible: The Trial of Cyric the Mad
1999 Author FORGOTTEN REALMS: Beyond the High Road
2000 Author FORGOTTEN REALMS: Death of the Dragon
2001 Author FORGOTTEN REALMS: The Summoning
2001 Author FORGOTTEN REALMS: The Siege
2002 Author FORGOTTEN REALMS: The Sorcerer

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