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Monstrous Compendium Appendix II
Dark Sun ("Terrors Beyond Tyr")
Item code: TSR2433
Type: Monstrous Compendium Appendix
Release: 1995
Designers: Jim Atkiss
Steve Brown
Timothy B. Brown
Andrew P. Morris
Bruce Nesmith
Wes Nicholson
Bill Slavicsek
Design Reviewer: Bill Slavicsek
Art Coordinator: Peggy Cooper
Editor: Anne Gray McGready
Cover Art: Jeff Easley
Interior Art: Thomas Baxa
Format: 128 pages bound softcover
Print Runs:      First (1995)
Rarity: Common
ISBN: 0-7869-0097-0
Cover Price: $18.00 U.S.
Weight: 250 grams
Dimensions: width: 21.5 cm
height: 27.5 cm
depth: 0.8 cm

"The sky rumbles with impending rain... droplets hiss in the blasted air before reaching the parched ground. A leviathan bursts through the clouds, its silver scales glinting in te crimson sun. The rain drake pauses, then moves in with jaws opened wide...

Only the bravest - or the most foolhardy - would dare stand before the creatures included inside this MONSTROUS COMPENDIUM® appendix. Encounter the shadow giant, the stalking horror, and the unique undead found lurking beyond the Tablelands as well as many other terrors. Containing 128 pages of full-color monsters, this accessory is designed for the DARK SUN® campaign world, but is adaptable to any AD&D® campaign."

Left:Tom Baxa Monsters in full-color.
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