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Official Price Guide to Role-Playing Games
Type: Book on Collecting of RPG
Release: 1998
Author: Timothy Brown
Tony Lee
Cover Design: Ken Whitman
Format: Paperback
479 pages
Print Runs: First (December 1998)
Rarity: Uncommon
Value@NrMint: $7
ISBN: 0-676-60144-8
Cover Price: $17.00
Weight: 475 grams
Dimensions: Width: 14.0 cm
Height: 21.0 cm
Depth: 2.8 cm
"The definite guide to role-playing games, with more than 5,000 prices listed!

Since the advent of Dungeons & Dragons more than two decades ago, role-playing games have been hot. Yet, there have been no references available covering the entire spectrum of games or offering values for older, rare games—until now. A complete and authorative resource, The Official Price Guide to Role-Plaing Games provides the kind of detailed information that game enthusiasts have been seeking for years.
Comprehensive. This one-of-a-kind sourcebook spans the complete history of the genre, from the launch of the entire industry with the first Dungeons & Dragons game to the latest releases from every game publisher. All versions and editions of each game are listed, including rarely seen promotional items and printing variations that male one version more valuable than another.
Clearly Organized. All titles are organized by publisher and then broken down by trademark and campaign setting. Prices are based on condition and actual market value measured at stores and auctions.
Written by Experts. A game industry veteran of twenty years, Timothy Brown has been a diesgner at Games Designers' Workshop, an editore at Challenge magazine, and the director of product development at TSR. He is the award-winning designer of 2300 AD and AD&D Dark Sun Universe.
Tony Lee has been in the game industry for more tha fifteen years as a magazine game reviewer, an editor and development consultant for Marc Miller's Traveller game line, and a game designer.
Fully illustrated. Packed with illustrations of rare role-playing game product covers."
The Tome of Treasures Rating:

This work is monumental. The catalog covers all rpg systems up to the year 1998. Thus, the great advantage of this book (and a good reason for owning it) is, that it provides a systematic overview of the existing game systems. So could this be the sequel to the fabolous Heroic Worlds? Not quite. Due to the sheer volume of entries, it was utterly impossible to give details on the game worlds. So this book is really just a catalog, and that's where it's great strength lies. Of course, the prices are totally out of date, but that lies in the nature of printed material. The production quality of the book is rather low, and the illustrations are a few tiny black-and-white pictures. On the other hand, the authors of the products are all listed, and details for the product such as booklets etc. are given. The book is indexed alphabetically by game system. Thus, the relevant entries can be found quickly.

Conclusion: If you're looking for a complete catalog of rpg material up to 1998, this is the definite source. It's a great book to start research. If you're a completist of any given system, here's just the book for you! (Ralf Toth)
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