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Anne Brown

1987 Author The Book of Lairs II
1987 Author I13: Adventure Pack I
1988 Editing Greyhawk Adventures
1990 Editor The Complete Wizard's Handbook
1990 Author GREYHAWK: Falcon's Revenge
1990 Author GREYHAWK: Falconmaster
1990 Author GREYHAWK: Flames of the Falcon
1990 Editing SPELLJAMMER: Lost Ships
1990 Editing SPELLJAMMER: Wildspace
1990 Editing SPELLJAMMER: Skull & Crossbows
1990 Editing SPELLJAMMER: Crystal Spheres
1991 Editor Arms and Equipment Guide
1992 Editing Wizard's Challenge
1992 Design GREYHAWK: From the Ashes
1992 Editing SPELLJAMMER: Goblins' Return
1993 Editor AL-QADIM: Assassin Mountain
1994 Editor Fighter's Screen
1994 Editor Priest's Screen
1994 Editing MYSTARA: Monstrous Compendium® Appendix
1995 Editing BIRTHRIGHT: Campaign Setting
1995 Author Endless Quest: Bigby's Curse
1995 Editor BIRTHRIGHT: Sword and Crown
1995 Editing MYSTARA: Player's Survival Kit
1996 Editing BIRTHRIGHT: Havens of the Great Bay
1996 Editing BIRTHRIGHT: The Rjurik Highlands
1996 Author BIRTHRIGHT: Player's Secrets of Baruk-Ashik
1996 Author BIRTHRIGHT: Player's Secrets of Khourane
1996 Editor BIRTHRIGHT: Player's Secrets of Tuarhievel
1996 Additional Development BIRTHRIGHT: The Book of Magecraft
1997 Developer and Editor ODYSSEY: Jakandor, Island of War
1997 Concept Assistance BIRTHRIGHT: Player's Secrets of Müden
1997 Editor and Developer BIRTHRIGHT: The Book of Priestcraft
1997 Editor BIRTHRIGHT: Tribes of the Heartless Waste
1997 Editor and Developer BIRTHRIGHT: The Gorgon's Alliance (PC game)
1998 Editor GREYHAWK: The Adventure Begins
1998 Design GREYHAWK: Player's Guide to Greyhawk
1998 Editor BIRTHRIGHT: Player's Secrets of Hogunmark
1999 Design Tome of Magic

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