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The Gorgon's Alliance
Item code: na
Type: PC game
(Win 95 & DOS compatible)
Release: 1997
Vice-president of Creative Services: James Ward
Birthright Author: Rich Baker
Colin McComb
Designer: Ed Stark
Creative Directors: Karen Boomgarden
Harold Johnson
Editors and
Carrie A. Bebris
Anne Brown
Sue Weinlein Cook
Artist: Tony Szczudlo
Computer Game Designers: Robert C. Clardy
Kirt Lemons
Lead Programmers: Alan B. Clark (Realms)
Greg Hightower (Battlefields)
Gary Powell (Adventures)
Art Director: Kirt Lemons
Adventure Design: Kevin Green
Sound Effects: Craig Utterback
Musical Composition: Christopher Barker
Craig Utterback
Adventure Level Coordinator: Tim Jensen
Format: Box
Print Runs:      First (1997)
Rarity: Common
ISBN: na
Cover Price: na
Weight: 325 grams
Dimensions: width: 19 cm
height: 23.5 cm
depth: 4.3 cm
but its lights brough no warmth to the ashen faces and icy spirits of Anuire's battle army. While the kings of Anuire clash over control of their fractured empire, the Gorgon builds his power through bloodtheft—killing the kings of Anuire and consuming their divinely-granted bloodlines. Now, no longer satisfied with the blood of an occasional hero or king, his evil madness has driven him to a diabolical scheme to consume all of the bloodlines of ancient Anuire. With the blood abilities of a born king, you command heroes, wizards and mighty armies. Delve deep into political intrigue, hostile negotiations and precarious allegiance as you strive to overcome Anuires' greatest foe—and claim your birthright."

Box contents
  • "The Gorgon's Alliance: Booklet, 48 pages, softcover.
  • CD-ROM on jewel case, inlay and 12-pages booklet
  • Sierra 1996-97 games catalog
  • Box and outer sleeve

  • WIN 95 or DOS 5.0
  • Pentium 75
  • 16 MB de RAM
  • 30-MB free hard disk space
  • Double-speed CD-ROM drive
  • SVGA 640*480, 256 colors
  • Soundcard Soundblaster or 100% compatible
  • Modem for multiplayer mode


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