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Elaine Cunningham

The former music teacher and mother of two children took her chances when responding to an TSR advertisement who were then looking for new novel proposals. Inspired by Bob Salvatore's The Crystal Shard, she wrote a script which turned to become "Elfshadow", first book of the Harpers series. TSR and WOTC kept her employed until today and so she released several novels, mostly for the Forgotten Realms setting and one Spelljammer novel. She has never been a player of AD&D, but takes an active interest in medieval history.

Elaine Cunningham works and lives currently in Southern New England.

1992 Novelist SPELLJAMMER: The Radiant Dragon
1991 Author FORGOTTEN REALMS: Elfshadow
1994 Author FORGOTTEN REALMS: Elfsong
1995 Author FIRST QUEST: Unicorn Hunt
1996 Author FORGOTTEN REALMS: Silver Shadows
1999 Author FORGOTTEN REALMS: The Dream Spheres

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