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Mike Breault

1985 Editor D&D Master Rules
1985 Editor Oriental Adventures
1986 Editor Dungeoneer's Survival Guide
1986 Editor Dungeoneer's Survival Guide and Dark and Hidden Ways
1986 Editor H2 The Mines of Bloodstone
1986 Design and Editing The Book of Lairs
1986 Editor OA1: Swords of the Daimyo
1987 Editing Dragonlance Adventures
1987 Editing Manual of the Planes
1987 Editor OA3: Ochimo: The Spirit Warrior
1988 Editing Greyhawk Adventures
1988 Editing GREYHAWK: Castle Greyhawk
1989 Editing D&D GAZ12: The Golden Khan of Ethengar
1989 Editing Player's Handbook
1989 Editor Monstrous Compendium VOLUME TWO
1989 Editor GREYHAWK: The City of Greyhawk
1989 Editing and Development GREYHAWK: Vale of the Mage
1990 Editing GREYHAWK: Flames of the Falcon
1990 Editing GREYHAWK: Vecna Lives!
1990 Editing SPELLJAMMER: Monstrous Compendium 7 Appendix
1990 Editor GREYHAWK: Monstrous Compendium Appendix 5 Greyhawk
1991 Editor LANKHMAR: Prince of Lankhmar
1991 Editor The Complete Bard's Handbook
1991 Editings GREYHAWK: Howl From the North
1992 Editor Charlemagne's Paladins Campaign Sourcebook
1992 Editor DARK SUN: Slave Tribes
1992 Editor DARK SUN: Dune Trader
1993 Editor The Glory of Rome Campaign Sourcebook
1993 Editor Al-QADIM: City of Delights
1995 Editing Player's Handbook

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