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Monstrous Compendium Appendix 5 Greyhawk
Item code: TSR2107
Type: Monstrous Compendium Appendix
Release: 1990
Designers: Grant Boucher
William W. Connors
Steve Gilbert
Bruce Nesmith
Chris Mortika
Skip Williams
Editor: Mike Breault
Artistic Coordination: Peggy Cooper
Covert Art: Jeff Easley
Interior Art: Thomas Baxa
Mark Nelson
Format: 5-hole-punched
Monster Pages
Print Runs:      First (1990)
Rarity: Common
ISBN: 0-88038-836-6
Cover Price: $9.95
Weight: 250 grams
Dimensions: width: 23.0 cm
height: 27.5 cm
depth: 0.8 cm
Collectors arcana: Shrinkwrapped items add 25% to their base value.

"Prepare yourselves and your characters. ... Here come more monsters, this time from the GREYHAWK® Campaign Setting! These 64-pages are filled with beasties and creatures, from aspis to zygon—and everything in-between! Crystalmist, dragons (yes, there are more—four more, to be precise), and plenty of deadly plants await entry into your campaign. As always, these monster descriptions are organized into 64 5-hole punched pages, ready to be incorporated into your Monstrous Compendium binder. And, you get four full-color dividers with identification tabs! Snap them in, and set then free!"

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