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Player's Handbook
Item code: TSR2159
Type: Core Rules
Release: 1995
2nd Edition design: David "Zeb" Cook
Development: Steve Winter
Jon Pickens
Playtest Coordination: Jon Pickens
Editing: Mike Breault
Jean Rabe
Thomas Reid
Steven E. Schend
Ray Vallese
Art Coordinator: Peggy Cooper
Cover Art: Jeff Easley
Interior Color Illustrations: Ned Dameron
Laura Lakey
Den Beauvais
Les Dorscheid
Interior Color Illustrations: Jeff Easley
Ken Frank
Daniel Frazier
Carol Heyer
David O. Miller
Alan Pollack
Robh Ruppel
Tony szczudlo
Diagrams: Diesel
Format: Hardcover, 320 pages
Print Runs: 1st (April 1995)
Rarity: Common
Value@NrMint: $11
ISBN: 0-7869-0329-5
Cover Price: $25.00 U.S.
Weight: 950 grams
Dimensions: Width: 22 cm;
Height: 28,5 cm;
Depth: 2,2 cm
"Here is the indespensable encyclopedia of fantasy role-playing. Everything the player needs is here: how to create a mighty hero or crafty wizard; unique aspects of the elves, dwarves, halflings, and other fantasy races; all the weapons, armor, magical spells, and rules for thrilling battles against supernatural monsters. This fresh, new format for the Player's Handbook is your complete and illustrated guide to the world of heroic adventure!"
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