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Wolfgang Baur

Baur started his work with TSR in October 1991 as an assistant editor to Barbara Young at DUNGEON Magazine. With issue 201, Baur became editor of DRAGON Magazine and stayed in the position until # 224.

For more information, please see Wolfgang Baur's weblog.

1992 Design AL-QADIM: Monstrous Compendium 13 Al-Qadim
1993 Development Monstrous Manual
1993 Additional Development Book of Artifacts
1993 Design AL-QADIM: Assassin Mountain
1993 Design AL-QADIM: Secrets of the Lamp
1995 Author BIRTHRIGHT: Warlock of the Stonecrowns
1996 Author BIRTHRIGHT: The Sword of Roele
1997 Additional Design Book of Artifacts
1999 Design and editorial assistance Bastion of Faith

Impressum (Imprint)