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Book of Artifacts
Item code: TSR2138P (SC)
Type: Core Rules
Release: 1997
Design: David "Zeb" Cook
Supervision and Development: David "Zeb" Cook
Additional Design: Rich Baker
Wolfgang Baur
Steve Burns
Glenda Burns
Bill Connors
Dale "Slade" Henson
Colin McComb
Thomas M. Reid
David Wise
Editor: Thomas M. Reid
Cover Art: Fred Fields
Interior Color Art: Daniel Frazier
Jeff Easley
Robh Ruppel
Interior Art: Daniel Frazier
Format: Softcover,
160 pages
Print Runs: 1st (?) (1997)
Rarity: Uncommon
Value@NrMint: $10
ISBN: 0-7869-1150-6
Cover Price: $22.95 U.S.
Weight: 400 grams
Dimensions: Width: 22 cm;
Height: 28,5 cm;
Depth: 0,8 cm
Collector's Arcana: The revised version with the black cover was not released as a hardcover.

"Incredible magic for all campaigns! The Book of Artifacts will help every adventure reach new plateaus of mystery, danger, and epic excitement. Within these pages is the most complete collection of legendary and obscure artifacts ever assembled for the AD&D® 2nd Edition game. Each enigmatic token or powerful relic has a detailed history, special powers that truly fit the theme of the item, and even tips on how to introduce - or remove - the artifact from a campaign.

New and valuable information is also included for characters who want to create magical items or recharge existing ones. Making that special magical sword or finding ingredients for that powerful potion can be the basis for whole adventures!

Whether the characters find the Machine of Lum the Mad or the Jacinth of Inestimable Beauty, the Book of Artifacts packs enough adventure between its covers to be an invaluable addition to every AD&D game! "

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