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Fred Fields

For more information on Fred Fields and his current projects, refer to Fred Field's homepage. Some of Fred Fields' original paintings are on display inside our online Original Art Gallery:

1990 Cover Art HWA1: Nightwail
1990 Cover Art HWA2: Nightrage
1990 Cover Art GREYHAWK: Greyhawk Ruins
1990 Cover Art GREYHAWK: Nightwatch
1990 Cover Art LANKHMAR: Wonders of Lankhmar
1990 Cover Art LANKHMAR: Thieves of Lankhmar
1990 Cover Art LANKHMAR: Nehwon
1991 Cover Art HWR1: Sons of Azca
1991 Cover Art HWR2: Kingdom of Nithia
1991 Cover Art HWA3: Nightstorm
1991 Playing Pieces Dungeons & Dragons Game
1991 Character Card Paintings: Trivia Game
1991 Cover Art FORGOTTEN REALMS: Elfshadow
1992 Cover Art HWR3: The Milenian Empire
1992 Cover Art D&D PC4: The Night Howlers
1992 Interior Art D&D Dragon Quest
1992 Cover Painting Magic Encyclopedia Volume One
1992 Cover Art Wizard Spell Cards
1992 Color Illustration AL-QADIM: Arabian Adventures
1992 Cover Art AL-QADIM: Land of Fate
1993 Interior Art D&D Champions of Mystara
1993 Cover Art Book of Artifacts
1993 Color Art The Complete Ranger's Handbook
1993 Cover Painting Magic Encyclopedia Volume Two
1993 Illustrations LANKHMAR: City of Adventure
1993 Cover Art AL-QADIM: A Dozen and One Adventures
1994 Cover Art Deck of Encounters Set Two
1994 Cover Art AL-QADIM: Ruined Kingdoms
1994 Color Art The Complete Paladin's Handbook
1994 Interior Color Art Encyclopedia Magica 1
1994 Cover Art AL-QADIM: Corsairs of the Great Sea
1994 Cover Art AL-QADIM: Caravans
1995 Color Art The Complete Ninja's Handbook
1995 Interior Color Art Encyclopedia Magica 2
1995 Cover Painting LANKHMAR: Cutthroats of Lankhmar
1996 Cover Art BIRTHRIGHT: Naval Battle Rules: The Seas of Cerilia
1997 Cover Art Book of Artifacts
1998 Cover Art The Lost Shrine of Bundushatur
1998 Cover Art A Paladin in Hell
1998 Cover Art MONSTROUS ARCANA: The Illithiad
1999 Cover Art Dungeons of Despair
1999 Cover Art Return to the Keep on the Borderlands

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