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Champions of Mystara
Heroes of the Princess Ark
Item code: TSR1094
Type: Boxed Set
Release: 1993
Design: Ann Dupuis
Editing: Elizabeth Anne Tornabene
Product Manager: Bruce Heard
Cover Art: Robh Ruppel (Box)
Fred Fields (Explorers Manual)
Brom (Desinger's Manual)
Interior Art: Terry Dykstra
Deck Plans: Robh Ruppel
Ship Recognition Cards: David O. Miller
Cartography: Dave LaForce
John Knecht
Format: Boxed Set
Rarity: Common
Value @NrMint: $20
ISBN: 1-56076-615-8
Cover Price: $12
Print Runs: 1st (1993)
Weight: 1100 grams
Dimensions: width: 23.0 cm
height: 29.5 cm
depth: 5 cm
Collectors Arcana: Champions of Mystara is a boxed set contains three bookets: The 96 page Heroes of the Princess Ark (1094XXX1901), the 64 page Designer's Manual (1094XXX1902) and the 64 page Explorer's Manual (1094XXX1903). It also contains two fold-out maps (1094XXX0701 - 0702) and two full page Deck Plans (1094XXX0703 - 0704). In addition, there are 8 ship recognition cards.

Description (From the back cover)

Developed from the original Dragon Magazine series, Champions of Mystara is a major compilation of the Princess Ark adventures, a magical flying ship that explores the World of Mystara. Discover the Heroes of this legendary skyship, their deadly foes, and their wondrous ships. Packed with backgournd information and adventure ideas, this set allows DMs and players to run a long-lasting, globe-trotting campiaign based on a unique flying ship.

Champions of Mystara goes an extra step and also provides experienced players with new rules on magical flying ship construction, operation and movement! As a final gift, this set offers a Gazetteer developing the region west of the Known World, form the burning lands of Sind to the mysterous jungles of the Serpent Peninsula. a make-your-own world guide finally helps DMs expand the horizons of their favorite campaign world.

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