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PC4: The Night Howlers
Item code: TSR9368
Internal Code: PC4
Type: Accessory
Release: 1992
Author: Ann Dupuis
Editing: Jonathe Ariadne Caspian
Cover Art: Fred Fields
Interior Art: James Crabtree
Cartography: Dave LaForce
Format: Tri-Panel Cover;
64 page stapled booklet, 32 page stapled booklet;
Fold-out map
Print Runs: →1st (1992)
Rarity: Uncommon
Value @NrMint: $15
ISBN: 1-56076-392-2
Cover Price: $10.95US/$13.50CAN/6.99UK
Weight: 304 grams
Dimensions: width: 21.4 cm
height: 27.3 cm
depth: 0.7 cm
Collector's Arcana: Night Howlers contains both a 64 page and 32 page booklet, a Fold-Out map (9368XXX0701) and a three panel cover (9368XXX1401). Though not part of the Gazetteer series, the Creature Crucible accessories were done in a similar style and provide information on the cultures, politics, legends, etc. of various non-human races within the Known World.

Description (From the back cover)

Night Howlers is the fourth book in the Creature Crucible series, which explores new character types for the D&D game. Whether the referee wants to add one or two were-creatures to the party line-up, base a whole series of adventures around the werecreatures' struggle for survival or add some very special encounters for the players, this book will provide hours of unique playing experience.

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