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Ruined Kingdoms
Item code: TSR9440
Type: Boxed Campaign Expansion Setting
Release: 1994
Author: Steve Kurtz
Editing: Richard Pike-Brown
John D. Rateliff
Cover Art: Fred Fields
Interior Art: Karl Waller
Cartography: David C. Sutherland III
Format: Boxed Setting
Print Runs:      First (1994)
Rarity: Common
ISBN: 1-56076-815-0
Cover Price: $18.00 U.S.
Weight: 450 grams
Dimensions: width: 22.5 cm
height: 28.5 cm
depth: 1.8 cm

Collectors value: Shrinkwrapped boxes add 25% to their base value.

"Unveil the forbidden secrets of Nog and Kadar!

The Nogaro River has seen the rise and fall of countless empires, unequaled in their evil and terror. Buried but not destroyed, their legacy lives on, shrouded by the tangled jungle and by time itself.

With Ruined Kingdoms, bold explorers can at last lift the veil of oblivion and unravel the mysteries of a dark and sinister past. Inside, you'll discover:
  • A 32-page campaign booklet (9440XXX1901) describing the Ruined Kingdoms and their many secrets.
  • A 64-page book packed with adventures (9440XXX1501)—nine plots of intrigue and danger that transport player characters from Dihliz to Afyal and into the heat of the ruin-choked jungled. Adventurers face yak-men, genies, and giants, and unearth artifacts of awesome magical power.
  • An 8-page booklet filled with villainous women and deadly reptilian monsters.
  • Six cardstock sheets featuring detailed maps and player aids.
  • A stunning poster map of eastern Zakhara (9440XXX0701), depicting the twisting valleys and ancient capitals of the Ruined Kingdoms."
Campaign Guide

Ruined Kingdoms
Adventure Book

Monster Booklet
Example Cardstock Sheet
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