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Trivia Game
Item code: TSR1069
Type: Game
Release: 1991
Game Design: Richard Borg
In-House Development: J. Paul LaFountain
Editing: Andria Hayday
Cover Painting: Glenn Orbik
Character Card Paintings: Brom
Clyde Caldwell
Jeff Easley
Larry Elmore
Fred Fields
Character Card Paintings: Erik Olson
Robin Wood
Format Boxed Setting
Print Runs:      1st (1991)
Rarity: Common
Value@NrMint: $7
ISBN: 1-56076-058-3
Cover Price: $24.95 U.S.
Weight: 1.250 grams
Dimensions: width: 29.5 cm
height: 23.0 cm
depth: 7.7 cm
Collector's Arcana: Shrink-wrapped copies add 50% to the base value.

"What's tall, green, and can regenerate lost limbs? Whether you know a little or a lot about the role-playing game, you can play AD&D® Trivia. You choose the level of questions you wish to answer—from asimple mutliple choice to complex puzzlers. Either way, with luck and skill you can vanquish your opponents.

AD&D Trivia is more than just Q and A. You play the 'role' of an AD&D character of monster. Your wit is your weapon; each correct answer literally wounds your opponents or helps you heal). The tougher the question, the harsher the attack. The last survivor wins the game.

AD&D Trivia — Knowledge is Power.

For 3 or more players familiar with the AD&D® 2nd Edition game. Ages 10 and up."

Box contents:
  • 600 Question cards
  • 10 Full-color character cards
  • 60 Full-color playing pieces
  • 5 Divider Cards and question box
  • 1 Rules sheet
  • 1 Plastic bag for playing pieces
Rules Booklet (4 pages)
Example Player Card
Playing pieces
Box for question cards

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