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Monte Cook

Started in the industry with Iron Crown Enterprises in 1988. Began working for TSR in 1994 with a few Planescape credits and credit for co-designing the Dark Matter setting for the Alternity game. Helped design the 3e rules set for WoTC with a majority of emphasis on the Dungeon Masters Guide. Hobbies on the side is puppetier. Monte is married to the game editor Sue Weinlein Cook.

For additional information, refer to Monte's homepage.

Additional information also at Wizard of the Coast's Monte Cook bio page.

Picture taken from 2003 GenCon program.

1995 Design Labyrinth of Madness
1995 Advice and Assistance DARK SUN: Revised Campaign Setting
1995 Designer DARK SUN: Windriders of the Jagged Cliffs
1995 Author MYSTARA: Glantri - Kingdom of Magic
1996 Design A Hero's Tale
1998 Author A Paladin in Hell
2001 Design Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil

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