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Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil
Item code: WTC11843
Type: Adventure
Release: 2001
Design: Monte Cook
Stat Block Designer: Jennifer Clarke Wilkes
Andy Collins
Dale Donovan
David Eckelberry
Duane Maxwell
Erik Mona
David Noonan
Editors: Jennifer Clarke Wilkes
Andy Collins
Duane Maxwell
Creative Director: Ed Stark
Art Director: Dawn Murin
Cover Illustration: Brom
Interior Illustration: David Roach
Graphic Design: Sean Glenn
Robert Campbell
Cartography: Todd Gamble
Format: 192-page perfect-bound softcover
Rarity: Common
Value @NrMint: $22
ISBN: 0-7869-1843-8
Cover Price: $29.95
Print Runs: 1st (2001)
Weight: 500 grams
Dimensions: width: 21.5 cm
height: 27.0 cm
depth: 1.1 cm
Collectors arcana: The item was not available in shrinkwrap. This is the second part of the original adventure T1-4 Temple of Elemental Evil. Monte Cook's homepage features a complete forum for this particular module with over 5.000 posts.

"Evil never dies

Years ago, brave heroes put the denizens of the Temple of Elemental Evil to the sword. Now, dark forces whisper again in the shadows of the once-deserted temple—forces far more insidious and dangerous than any sane person could dream. Evil has risen again to threaten the village of Hommlet.

Characters battle the power of darkness in Hommlet and beyond, forging their way through hundreds of dire encounters before reaching the fiery finale. Designed as the backbone of a full campaign, Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil takes characters from 4th level to as high as 14th level.

This deluxe adventure builds on the groundwork of the original Temple of Elemental Evil (published in 1985), as well as other classic adventures. However, none of these products are necessary to enjoy this one.

To use this adventure, a Dungeon Master also needs the Player's Handbook, the DUNGEON MASTER's Guide, and the Monster Manual."
The Tome of Treasures Rating:

Lead designer Monte Cook created a massive Dungeon crawl on over 192 pages. The references to the original adventure are well researched, several characters of old appear again: Lareth the Beautiful, Hedrack, Rufus, Burne and Elmo to name just a few. The heroes are to fight the new rise of evil and destroy the new temple of Tharizdun, an evil god who is about to be released and threatens utter destruction to the world.
The story starts in Hommlet, where the evil cult is discovered, and leads the heroes through the old moathouse, in an intermission to the empty hull of the old Temple of Elemental Evil and then to the new place, the Temple of All-Consumption. After a long assault on its outer ridge mines, players will eventually infiltrate the inner sanctum and discover the plan of the cult leaders, which leads to the final confrontation...
This is a massive adventure, which kept my gaming group occupied for over two years of gaming. The dungeon setting is unique: A dungeon in a circle. It works pretty well, because it always gives players two options. If one way proves too tough, players may tackle from the other side of the ring. The quality of the art is average, with the exception of the beautiful colored dungeon maps. Monte Cook assigned strategies, tactics and motivations for each of the NPCs in their description. This makes the place a living place, with different people driven by different ambitions. The stages and sites of the adventure are interesting, but their connections should have been worked out more clearly. There are a lot of errors in the statistics in the book, the map has errors and there are some inconsistencies.

Conclusion: This module is good quality work from a lead game designer of the new D&D game. Clearly, this adventure needs an experienced DM, who can improvise to hide the inconsistencies from the players. (RALF TOTH)
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