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The Temple of Elemental Evil
Item code: 24922J
Type: PC game (Windows)
Release: 2003
Cover Art: [unknown]
Lead Designer / Project Leader: Tim McCain
Producer / Designer: Tom Decker
Producer Assistance: Mary Meister
Lead Programmer: Steve Moret
Programmers: Aaron Brunstetter
Sean Craig
Lee Needham
Huy Nguyen
Lead Artist: Michael McCarthy
Conceptual Designer: Christopher Glenn
3D-Artists: Peter Delgado
Lucas Feld
Executive Producer: Jean-Phillipe Agati
Steve Ackrich
Producer: Todd Hartwig
Senior Brand Manager: Mike Webster
Brand Manager: Jeff Shering
Art Director: Charles Rizzo
Graphic Designer: Franz Buzawa
Format: Box
Print Runs:      First (2003)
Rarity: Common
Cover Price: na
Weight: 275 grams
Dimensions: width: 13.5 cm
height: 19 cm
depth: 3.3 cm

Collectors arcana: Remake of the 1st Edition AD&D module T1-4 Temple of Elemental Evil.

The official website is at

"For the first time ever, one of the greatest Dungeons & Dragons® adventures of all times comes to life on the PC!

  • First and only PC game to feature the D&D v3.5 rules set
  • Create parties of up to 5 adventureres, with up to 3 followers
  • Dozens of skills and class abilities, over 50 feats and hundreds of spells
  • Multiple starting points and quest solutions, depending on the party's alignment
  • More than 100 different monsters, from goblins and hill giants to elementals and demons"

Box contents
  • Handbook, spiral-bound
  • two CDs

The Tome of Treasures Rating:

This game is the video game of the original AD&D adventure T1-4 Temple of Elemental Evil. Veteran gamers will love the game for being able to roam through Hommlet and the original Temple again and younger gamers will like the consequent use of the new D&D game rules. The game is very close to the original module, which is good news, since T1-4 is a classic for good reasons. There is little storytelling, so if you've played Baldur's Gate or Torment, don't expect epic stories like these. The style of this game is clearly combat-oriented, like the original adventure - which means, that even if you just played the module in your rpg group, you can play the video game without any loss in fun.

Players don't have to read through a lot of text, but instead enjoy the fine graphics and the clever gameplay. The interface is easy to use and well done, except that the "Select All" function has a few faults. Maximum level is 10 and you can choose from a wide variety of interesting NPC. The game would easily be rated at four stars if not for its relatively many bugs, even after running all patches and on state-of-the-art hard- and software (2007). Sometimes the game just hangs with heavy access on the hard disk - most often after heavy combat action. There was also one severe error in programming: When resting within dungeon corridors, the random encounter enemies were sometimes placed on the same spot, so that one faces five hill giants, but in only one sprite. After killing them, their corpses were all in the same place, so that one could only loot the first corpse. When returning to the map after resting in an Inn or so, when you entered the same corridor, the game crashed. If this happened in a central corridor (fortunately the game has only few of them), the game is lost if no old savegames exist. The game comes on two discs, one install disc, and a single play disc. You'll finish the game within a week of heavy gaming or about twenty evenings of four to five hours.

Conclusion: A fun game with focus on combat with historical background. If you ventured into the Temple of Elemental Evil as a gamer in a role-playing game and you like video games, this is a must. Good game, unfortunately some unfixed bugs lessened the fun factor of the game. (RALF TOTH)
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