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Within these pages you can find information on some of the gaming personalities associated with TSR, Wizards of the Coast, or GenCon, or one of the licensees of one of those organizations. We will add the names here as we build other areas of the website to serve as a quick reference point. All entries contain a cross-linked list of the individual's work on official gaming products.
As of 2005, we have over 750 entries for game designers, artists, managers etc. ...

The information has been compiled by Ralf Toth with additional information by The Scribe and Christian Reitemeier. Please write us with more information or errata on these individuals. If you are one of these listed people we would have lots of questions for you!

Choose a name from our alphabetical index list for details. Names printed in bold have additional details, such as biography, a homepage or interview link, or pictures.

Ladyman, David
Ladyman, Martha
LaForce, David S.
LaFountain, J. Paul
Lakey, John
Lakey, Laura
Lakofka, Len
Lamb, Darren
Lang, Charles
Lanners, Jeff
Larson, Deborah
Lassieur, Allison
Lazzaretti, Rob
Leason, Jeff R.
Lee, Tony
Leeper, Jacqueline
Leiber, Fritz
Lemons, Kirt
Lesch, Tracy
Lidberg, Paul Arden
Lindahn, Ron
Lindahn, Val Lakey
Locke, Vince
Lockwood, Todd
Lopez, Ken
Loveless, Roger
Lowder, Jim
Lowrey, Don
Lucien, Alan
Lummins, Michael
Lyon, Carol

MayKay, David
MacFarland, Stephen R.
Maddox, Raymond
Maggi, Steve
Maggin, Elliot S.
Malkowkas, Mike
Mahoney, Starr
Mangrum, John W.
Manning, Maurie
Manning, Thomas
Marcela-Froideval, Francois
Marsh, Steve
Martin, David
Martin, Jean E.
Martin, Julia
Martin, Karen S.

Martindale, John
Mataga, Cathryn
Matson, John
Matsumi, Eileen
Maxwell, Duane
Maxwell, Randy
Mayerik, Val
Mayo, Henry
McCain, Tim
McCann, Kevin
McCarthy, Garrett
McCarthy, Michael
McClure, Don
McComb, Colin
McCready, Anne
McGonigle, James C.
McGough, Mark
McKeone, Dixie Lee
McKitterick, Chris
McLean, Will
McLimore, Guy
Meadows, Sally
Mecca, Steve
Medley, Linda
Meister, Mary
Melka, Kevin
Menges, Jeff
Mentzer, Frank
Meyer, Joel
Meyers, Philip
Middleton, Mark
Mignola, Mike
Miller, Chris
Miller, Dave
Miller, David O.
Miller, Dennis
Miller, Steve
Miller, Steven
Mimura, Raven
Minton, Joseph
Mishkin, Dan
Mitchell, Ellisa
Mitchell, Matthew
Mitchell, Steve
Mobley, Blake
Mohan, Kim
Moldvay, Tom
Mona, Erik
Monson, Dave
Moore, Roger E.
Morales, Rags

Morasch, Todd
Moret, Steve
Morris, Andrew P.
Morris, Carol
Morris, Graeme
Morrisey, Dean
Mortika, Christopher
Murin, Dawn
Murray, Paul
Musser, Jim

Naifeh, Ted
Needham, Lee
Nelson, Mark
Nelson, Karen
Nephew, John A.
Nesmith, Bruce
Nguyen, Huy
Nicholls, Rob
Nicholson, Wes
Nicholson, Russ
Niebling, Will
Nielsen, Terese
Niles, Douglas
Nolan, Graham
Noonan, David
Norton, Andre
Novak-Grubb, Kate
Nunis, Allen
Nurnberger, Paul

Oakley, Bill
O'Connor, William
O'Hare, Jeff
Okano, Steve
Olmesdal, Bill
Olson, Erik
Olson-Barnas, Andrea
O'Malley, Colleen
O'Neill, Pamela
Oppen, Eric
Orbik, Glen
Otero, Ben
Otus, Erol
Owen, Michael
Owsley, Jim

Pagel, Josh
Panosian, Dan
Pass, Geoff
Pennington, Jack
Parkinson, Keith
Pearson, Dana
Pekul, Darlene
Penman, Victor
Peregrine, Stephan
Perez, Herb
Perkins, Christopher
Perren, Jeff
Perrin, Steve
Peterson, Brian
Philips, Dezra
Philips, C. Terry
Pickens, Jon
Pike-Brown, Richard
Pitzer, Brian
Plog, Matthew
Poehlein, Greg
Pollack, Alan
Pollack, Maren
Pollota, Nick
Polster, Keith
Post, Randy
Potts, Carl
Powell, Gary
Powell, Keenan
Pramas, Chris
Price, Michael
Prosperi, Louis J.
Prusa, Tom
Pryor, Tony
Pulver, David

Quesada, Joe
Quick, John
Quinn, Harry

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