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Len Lakofka

One of the earliest personalities associated with TSR. A high profile member of IFW (International Federation of Wargamers). Len organised many of the early Lake Geneva Conventions and produced lots of tournament dungeons for later Gen Cons. Published credits include TSR's L 1-3 the Lendore Isles series.

"I had been at the first GEN CON convention (in factm I ran the GEN CON II convention the following year). I got to play on Gary's sand table and was at a few of the initial playtests. When the DUNGEONS & DRAGONS game was ready for its next leap forward, I was one of the editors who got to see the typed manuscripts for the Player's Handbook and the Dungeon Master's Guide. I got to write a bunch of spells and add a few pages here and there in both books—with Gary always being the final arbitrator, of course.

I wrote some short articles for DRAGON® Magazine before my regular column, called 'Leomund's Tiny Hut', which ran almost monthly for four or five years. I was then asked to take on my own game world, which was located on Oerth, and make it into a few modules. These became Secret of Bone Hill, The Assassin's Knot, and the Deep Dwarven Delve."
(Len Lakofka: Forword to L3 - Deep Dwarven Delve).

1981 Author L1: The Secret of Bone Hill
1983 Author L2: The Assassin's Knot
1999 Design TSR Silver Anniversary Collector's Edition: L3 - Deep Dwarven Delve

Impressum (Imprint)