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Kim Mohan

A long-time editor of the DRAGON and former newspaper editor, Kim Mohan describes his early days at the TSR house magazine: "In the early days, working for the magazine was like riding a rocket, and the name of that rocket was D&D" (Mohan in: DRAGON Magazine #300). When Mohan started for The DRAGON in 1979, the office was in a converted old wooden private home. Mohan discovered the young artist Larry Elmore in the early 80's and Elmore's first appearance was a cover on the DRAGON magazine. Mohan is also responsible for the discovery of writer and later editor Roger E. Moore.

Additional information at Wizard of the Coast's Kim Mohan bio page.

1985 Editor Unearthed Arcana
1986 Author and Editor Wilderness Survival Guide
1986 Author and Editor Wilderness Survival Guide and Wild Things
1987 Editor GREYHAWK: Sea of Death
1987 Editor GREYHAWK: City of Hawks
1988 Editor GREYHAWK: Fate of Istus
1988 Editor GREYHAWK: Come Endless Darkness
1989 Editor Monstrous Compendium VOLUME TWO
1989 Development and Editing Dungeon Master's Screen
1989 Editing and Development BATTLESYSTEM™ Miniature Rules
1989 Editing and developement SPELLJAMMER: Campaign Setting
1989 Editor and Editorial Coordinator GREYHAWK: The City of Greyhawk
1990 Design SPELLJAMMER: Monstrous Compendium 7 Appendix
1995 Development and Editing Country Sites
1997 Designer and Editor ODYSSEY: Jakandor, Island of War
1998 Editor ODYSSEY: Jakandor, Isle of Destiny
1999 Editor Guide To Hell
1999 Editor TSR Silver Anniversary Collector's Edition: History Booklet
2000 Development & Editing GREYHAWK: Slavers

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