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Come Endless Darkness
Gord the Rogue series #6
Item code: na
Type: Novel
Release: 1988
Author: E. Gary Gygax
Editor: Kim Mohan
Illustrator: Ray Rubin
Format: Softcover novel
379 pages
Print Runs: First (November 1987)
Rarity: Common
Value@NrMint: $5
ISBN: 0-441-11446-6
Cover Price: $3.95 U.S.
Weight: 200 grams
Dimensions: width: 10.5 cm
height: 17.5 cm
depth: 2.8 cm
Collectors Arcana: Having left TSR after the sell-out to Lorraine Williams, Gary Gyax' sixth novel of the Gord the Rogue series was released by New Infinities Production (Lake Geneva), a company, in which Gary Gygax was a big investor and lost a lot of money when the company finally went bankrupt. The best-selling product of this company were the Gord novels.

"This young man named Gord has known for some time that his role in the fate of his world is crucial, perhaps even pivotal. At the same time, he has been troubled by a lack of knowledge about his heritage. In Come Endless Darkness, the sequel to Sea of Death, everything becomes brutally clear to him. Gord is reunited with his old friends Gellor, Chert, and Curley Greenleaf, and leads them into an unearthly realm where death threatens at every step. They must find an vanquish the inhuman beast who is working to unleash the power of Ultimate Evil on the world — and if they succeed, Gord will also have his revenge against the murderer of his mother and father!"
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