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Dance of Demons
Gord the Rogue series #7
Item code: na
Type: Novel
Release: 1988
Author: E. Gary Gygax
Editor: Don Turnbull
Illustrator: Jerry Tiritilli
Format: Softcover novel
428 pages
Print Runs: First (November 1988)
Rarity: Common
Value@NrMint: $5
ISBN: 0-425-11342-6
Cover Price: $3.95 U.S.
Weight: 200 grams
Dimensions: width: 10.5 cm
height: 17.5 cm
depth: 2.8 cm
Collectors Arcana: Having left TSR after the sell-out to Lorraine Williams, Gary Gyax' last novel of the Gord the Rogue series was released by New Infinities Production (Lake Geneva), a company, in which Gary Gygax was a big investor and lost a lot of money when the company finally went bankrupt. The best-selling product of this company were the Gord novels.

"The life of the young thief and adventurer Gord has been building toward a climax for years. Nor, in Dance of the Demons, the climax has arrived.

In his role as the Champion of Balance, Gord journeys with his comrades to the depths of the demon-infested Abyss and the sublime mahesty of the Celestial Sphere. He battles to gain possession of the magical key that holds the secret to loosing the power of Ultimate Evil upon the cosmos.

The forces Gord encounters are much greater in scope than "merely" Good an Evil. The masters of Time, Probability, and Entropy also have something to say about how this reality-shaking conflict will be resolved — and they will be heard!"
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