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Red Steel: Savage Baronies
Item code: TSR9500
Type: Audio CD Accessory and Adventure
Release: 1995
Design: Tim Beach
Original Creation: Bruce Heard
Editing: Ariadne Caspiam
Musical Advice: Ky Hasall
Cover Art: Alan Pollack
Original Cover and Model Concept: Paul Jaquays
Interior Artists: Randy Post
Dee Barnett
Cartography: David C. Sutherland III
Format: Boxed Setting
Print Runs:      First (1995)
Rarity: Common
ISBN: 0-7869-0123-3
Cover Price: $20.00 U.S.
Weight: 600 grams
Dimensions: width: 23.5 cm
height: 28.5 cm
depth: 2.7 cm

Collectors value: Shrinkwrapped boxes add 25% to their base value.

"Daring swashbucklers.
Stout mercenaries.
Rugged gauchos.
Arrogant nobles.
Vile monsters.

The Savage Baronies are home to all these and more! This accessory for the RED STEEL™ campaign holds a 64-page sourcebook that covers each of the nine Savage Baronies in detail, including the rulers of the lands, the attitudes of their people, and the effects of the Red Curse on those people.
Also included is a 32-page adventure, set in the Savage Baronies and the surrounding lands. The goblinoids of the Yazak Steppes are building another horde! Invasion is imminent, and it's up to the player characters to stop it! Included with the adventure are handouts and pregenerated characters that can be used as PCs or NPCs.

Savage Baronies also contains an audio CD with background music and sound effects to enhance the setting's mood of danger and adventure. The CD is not an audio adventure, but a gaming aid usable in any AD&D® game adventure!

In addition, a full-color poster map shows an overview of the Savage Coast."

Box contents:
  • Book I: The Savage Baronies (64-page stapled booklet, 9500XXX1901)
  • Book II: Divided We Fall (32-page stapled booklet, 9500XXX1902)
  • Audio CD
  • 8 handouts (9500XXX0501-0508)
  • Full-color poster map (9500XXX0701)
Book I: The Savage Baronies

Book II: Divided We Fall
Audio CD
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