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Dragon Mountain
Item code: TSR1089
Type: Adventure
Release: 1993
Levels: 10-15
# characters: 6-8
Designer: Paul Arden Lidberg
Colin McComb
Additional Design and Editing: Thomas M. Reid
Box Cover and Book Cover Art: Paul Jaquays
Book Cover Art: Jeff Easley
Larry Elmore
Interior Art: Tony DiTerlizzi
Cartography: Diesel
Cartographic Assistance: Dave Sutherland
Sheri Guehrer
Format: Deluxe Boxed Set
(contents see below)
Print Runs: → 1st (1993)
Rarity: Common
Value@NrMint: $15
ISBN: 1-56076-598-4
Cover Price: $30.00
Weight: 1,300 grams
Dimensions: Width: 23,0 cm;
Height: 30,0 cm;
Depth: 5,2 cm

Collectors value: Shrinkwrapped boxes add 25% to the base value. Collectable condition includes unpunched counter sheet.
Yeah, right, this deluxe dungeon (1,3 kg boxed setting!) leads adventurers of 10-15 levels against a deadly bunch of kobolds inside a dragon's mountain.

"The rubble-strewn passageway twists and turns, winding ever deeper into the mountain, lower and lower into the bowels of the ancient, forbidding halls of long-dead dwarves. The torchlight flickers, threatening to succumb to the oppresive darkness. Creeping along one striated granite wall, Arikus the Warrior moves cautiously toward the great cavern ahead, its sides and wallsdisappearing into the gloomy distance. Cocking his head to one side to listen, he holds his hand up for a moment, demanding unconditional quiet from his companions. Then, his arm relaxing in relief, he waves everyone forward and moves into the open. Before him, scattered the far walls of the enormous cavern, are piles upon piles of glittering treasure—coins from countless kingdoms, sparkling gems, exquisite jewelry, and items of wondrous power—enough for twenty king's ransoms. Arikus laughs gleefully, thrusting both hands into the nearest cache of coins to let them ru through his fingers. At that moment, a monstrous shadow looms threateningly over him. Looking up, Arrikus blanches and stumbles back in horror before the terrible visage of a Great Red Wyrm. The fearsome dragon opens its razor-filled maw and spews forth a gout if white-hot flame, engulfin the hapless warrior....

The ultimate DUNGEON MASTER™ fantasy! This is the most deluxe dungeon designed to appeal to discriminating and demanding role-players. Adventurers, beware. This is more than just a draogn hunt. Within the lairs of this beast lie cruel and deadly traps, befuddling conundrums and puzzles, and cunning missions that will be the end of overconfident or careless adventurers. Inside this box there are:
  • Three 64-page books, comprising two adventures that link into one super-campaign
  • 12 full-color reference cards
  • 16 special player handouts
  • Eight Monstrous Compendium™ sheets
  • a sheet of cardstock standups with 24 plastic bases
  • six full-color poster maps, two of which link together to make a giant tactical playing surface for use with miniatures on the included cardstock figures."
Box contents
  • "Book I": 64 pages, stapled booklet (see picture at the bottom, 1089XXX1901).
  • "Book II": 64 pages, stapled booklet (see picture at the bottom, 1089XXX1902).
  • "Book III": 64 pages, stapled booklet (see picture at the bottom, 1089XXX1903).
  • Dragon Mountain Promotional Poster: Fold-out map, colored,
  • Building Map: Fold-out poster map, colored (1089XXX0701)
  • Building Map II: Fold-out poster map, colored (1089XXX0702)
  • Level I Map: Fold-out map, colored (1089XXX0703)
  • Level II Map: Fold-out poster map, colored (1089XXX0704)
  • Level III Map: Fold-out poster map, colored (1089XXX0705)
  • Treasure Lair View Map: poster Fold-out map, colored (1089XXX0705)
  • Counter Sheet (see picture at the bottom, 1089XXX0501)
  • 11 Player Handouts (paper, total 14 pages, see example at the bottom)
  • 14 Cardboard Sheets (maps etc.)
  • 8 Monstrous Compendium™ sheets, five-hole-punched
  • Plastic counters, black.
Book I

Book II
Book III
Counter Sheet
Example Player Handout

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