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3rd Printing
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X1: Isle of Dread
Item code: TSR9051
Internal Code: X1
Type: Module
Levels: 3-6
Release: 1980
Authors: Tom Moldvay
David Cook
Editor: Jon Pickens
Cover Art: Jeff Dee
Back Cover Art: Bill Willingham
Interior Art: Jeff Dee
Dave LaForce
Erol Otus
Dave Sutherland
Cartography: Not Listed
Format: Outer Cover
32 page stapled booklet
Rarity: Common
Value @NrMint: $4
ISBN: 0-935696-51-2
Cover Price: NA ($5.50)
Weight: 100 grams
Dimensions: width: 21.8 cm
height: 27.8 cm
depth: 0.2 cm
Collector's Arcana: X1 Isle of Dread has two distince versions: The original "blue cover" and the later "orange cover". Though similar, the both have different cover art as well as distinct differences in contents and format.

The "blue" cover versions have an outer two-panel cover and a 32 page booklet with map inserts on pages 13-21 as well as a perforated map/handout on the final page of the booklet.

The "Orange" version has a tri-panel cover the third panel of which is a perforated map. Pages 12-20 are grey colored map inserts.

Print Runs:

1st Print:This module has "All Rights Reserved" printed twice on the front cover. In addition, the interior booklet has a copyright of 1981 while the outer booklet has a copyright of 1980. The interior booklet is also misprinted with the product number of 9034 - it should be 9043. Other differences include the "A Wilderness Adventure for Character Levels 3-7" is on two separate lines. Finally, the orange banner on the top left is 2.5cm wide, which is wider than later prints.

2nd Print:This has the additional "All Rights Reserved" removed and the copyright on the front cover is now 1981.

3rd Print: This version is quite a bit smaller than the 1st and 2nd prints. It measures 27.2cm in height (as opposed to 27.8cm) and it measures 21.2cm in width (as opposed to 21.8cm). In addition, on the back cover, there is a piece code with a price indicating it is $5.50. Finally, the "blue" cover is now much closer to purple and is distinctly different when the two are held next to each other. Possibly the size was reduced to better fit in the Expert Box sets as the larger modules did not fit properly.

4th Print: This is the Orange covered version. Several key differences were already noted in the Collector's Arcana section above.

Description (From the front cover)

The Isle of Dread is the first in a series of adventure modules for use with the Dungeons & Dragons Expert Rules. As the first D&D wilderness adventure published by TSR Hobbies, the Isle of Dread is designed as an instructional module to help novice Dungeon Masters design their own wilderness adventures.

3rd Printing
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1st Printing
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2nd Printing
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