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ST1: Up The Garden Path
Item code: na
Internal Code: ST1
Type: Module
Levels: 4-7
Release: 1986
Author: Graeme Morris
Mike Brunton
Interior Art: Graeme Morris
Mike Brunton
Cartography: John Martindale
Format: Soft cover, full size A4, 16 numbered pages, 4 numbered pages, staple-bound, cover detached
Print Runs: → 1st
Rarity: Very Rare
Value @NrMint: $2,000
ISBN: na
Cover Price: NA
Weight: 100 grams
Dimensions: width: 21.1 cm
height: 29.7 cm
depth: 0.3 cm
Collector's Arcana: This was a tournament dungeon on offered at 1986 Games Day Convention at the Royal Horticultural Society Hall in London. The module was conceived as a bit of a pun on the location and gardening at large even though it was inspired by 1986 National Gardening Festival.
There is some bit of speculation on the numbers of these existing (+/-300). There have been quite a few of these seen up for sale more recently. Even so it still fetches some of the highest amounts in open auction.
The ST module code designation on this module is derived from Steam Train. In the adventure there is a salamandar powered steam train operated by gnomes. As you can see, this adventure is in keeping with the fantastic dream/nightmare scenerios Graeme Morris was known for in other module efforts for UK TSR. This is the most valuable adventure module.

Information and data compiled by The Scribe with some help from Kynan Connor, USA.

"'The day has been long and hard and, as night falls, you gratefully surrender to the soft, silent blackness of well-earned sleep. Then the dream comes. You are seated on a throne in a cavern where the sun has never shone; where no voice has ever spoken. Yet you are not alone. Through the darkness, silent figures are moving. Blacker than black... formless yet menacing... advancing towards you from every side..."

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