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Beyond the Moons
The Cloakmaster Cycle - Book 1
Item code: TSR8030
Type: Novel
Release: 1991
Author: David Cook
Cover Art: Jeff Easley
Format: Softcover novel
312 pages
Print Runs: First (July 1991)
Rarity: Common
Value@NrMint: $3
ISBN: 1-56076-153-9
Cover Price: $4.95 U.S.
Weight: 200 grams
Dimensions: width: 10.5 cm
height: 17.5 cm
depth: 2.0 cm
"Little did Teldin Moore know there was life beyond Krynn's moons - until a crashed spelljamming ship demolished his farm and changed his life! With a dying alien's magical cloak and cryptic words, Teldin quickly discovers that he's a popular fellow. He and his giff companion race to find Astinus of Palanthas and the gnomes of Mount Nevermind to learn why, before the monstrous neogi can find them!"
The Tome of Treasures Rating:

It is not always the best idea, to have a game designer write a novel. In case of Beyond the Moons author David "Zeb" Cook did a marvelous job. His style is a little rough-eged and far from elegant, yet it is this style of writing which gives the novel its authentic feeling. Cook surprises with the introduction of vividly drawn main characters. Teldin Moore starts out as a poor farmer and ends up being one of the most sought individuals in the spelljammer cosmos. The tale around his mystery magical cloak unfolds during the five sequels to this novel. Teldins motives are proper and in the following chain of events he acts naturally. The reader feels sympathy for this poor farmer, that has been drawn into space. His comrade Gomja, the giff, is equally delighting and interesting. Cooks hilarious and funny descriptions of the gnomish Mount Nevermind on Krynn make us laugh, while Teldins' encounters with the frightening Neogi, a fearful alien race create gripping tension and real terror. David Cook can take credit for having grabbed Jeff Grubb's ingenious and ground-breaking Spelljammer campaign world and breathed life into one of the most creative campaign sets ever released for the AD&D system.

Conclusion: Awesome introduction into the world of the Spelljammer universe. Cook's rough, yet powerful style and superbe main characters combine with an innovative and humorous story. (RALF TOTH)
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