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Monstrous Compendium Fiend Folio Appendix
Item code: TSR2132
Internal code: MC14
Type: Core Rules
Release: 1992
Coordination: Skip Williams
Jean Rabe
Designers: Wes Nicholson
Greg Swedberg
Al Boyce
Donald J. Bingle
John Terra
Kris Hardinger
Steve Hardinger
Rob Nicholls
Vince Garcia
Norm Ritchie
Tim Beach
Original Design Concept: David "Zeb" Cook
Steve Winter
Jon Pickens
Artistic Coordination: Peggy Cooper
Editor: Linda M. Bingle
Cover Art: Jeff Easley
Interior Art: Thomas Baxa
Mark Nelson
SR Bissette
Format: 5-hole-punched Monster Pages
Print Runs: 1st (1992)
Rarity: Common
Value@NrMint: $13
ISBN: 1-56076-428-7
Cover Price: $10.95 U.S.
Weight: 250 grams
Dimensions: Width: 23 cm;
Height: 27,5 cm;
Depth: 0,5 cm
Collectors value: Shrinkwrapped copies add 20% to the base value.

"Look to your weapons! Here comes a horde of the strangest creatures ever to inhabit the worlds of AD&D® game. The denizens of the original FIEND FOLIO® tome are back, updated and expanded for the AD&D 2nd edition game. Treat yourself to an in-depth look at the peculiar achaierai, vicious, stilt-legged birds that roam the infernal planes - and they also hunt closer to civilization. Find out what xvarts do for fun, but don't expect them to play fair! The menagerie inside includes leaping gambados, frenzied gorbels, and other old favorites. Several brand new creatures, such as the beautiful, but haughty gem dragons join them. Don't pass up your chance to get to know these astonishing creatures."


  • Cover envelope (see picture at the top)
  • 64 5-hole-punched monster pages
  • 4 cardboard dividers, colored
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