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Item code: TSR9584
Type: Adventure
Release: 1998
Design: Jackie Cassada
Nicky Rea
Editing: John D. Rateliff
Brand Manager: Lisa Stevens
Cover Art: Jeff Easley
Interior Art: Karl Waller
Cartography: Dennis Kauth
Rob Lazzaretti
Format: Stapled 32-page softcover
Print Runs:      First (1998)
Rarity: Common
ISBN: 0-7869-1196-4
Cover Price: $9.95 U.S.
Weight: 100 grams
Dimensions: width: 21.5 cm
height: 27.0 cm
depth: 0.2 cm

Collectors value: This adventure module was released by the RPGA in 1998, four years after the dicontinuation of the AL-QADIM product line. Shrinkwrapped items add 25% to their base value.

We have a prelimary painting of the cover art lon display in our online Orignal Art Gallery.

"Once, the Tribe of Altair roamed the sands, free as the great eagle on the wind. Now, caged by an evil mage, these desert riders yearn for their lost freedom. But Fate takes a hand as a noble djinn seeks to fulfill an ancient wish....

In this unusual three-part scenario, players first take the roles of the men of the tribe, who stage a revolt after being enslaved in the Pit of the Laughing Efreeti and then try to battle their way into freedom. In the second part, the PCs are the women of the tribe, who must escape the evil flame mage's harem and use all their wits to win free of a strange city. Finally, the children of the tribe have to slip away from an evil temple before they can be sacrificed, which call for them to embark on a magic carpet ride that promises to be the adventure of their lifetimes.

An AL-QADIM® adventure for up to six characters."
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