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The Genie's Curse
Item code: na
Type: PC game
(IBM compatible)
Release: 1994
Cover Art: Jeff Easley
Game Design: Herb Perez
Producers: Lester Humphreys
Bret Berry
Lead Progammer: Ken Grey
Additional Programmers: Lester Humphreys
Joseph Minton
Ken Eklund
Dan Greenberg
Steven Wolf
Art: Garrett McCarthy
Herb Perez
Games Design: Al Escudero
Writers: Herb Perez
Joseph Minton
Ken Eklund
Dan Greenberg
Format: Box
Print Runs:      First (1994)
Rarity: Common
ISBN: na
Cover Price: na
Weight: 275 grams
Dimensions: width: 23 cm
height: 25.5 cm
depth: 4.5 cm

Collectors value: Easily available. Shrinkwrapped boxes add 50% to their value.

"As an outcast whose once mighty clan has been dishonored, you must face the all-powerful Genie Lords in a quest to restore your family honor — and for all!

Experience the mysterious new AL-QADIM™ game world and prepare for fast real-time action, arcade-style combat, and heart-pounding role-playing — all in the style of the Arabian Nights!
THE GENIE'S CURSE is quick to set up and a breeze to play. Your character, a brave corsair, slashes his way through this incredible new AD&D® game world, where high magic and dark deeds reign!
  • A simple interface guides you throug encounters with genies, sinister sorcerers, wise hermits, and many more mysterious beings — each with their own secrets and challenges.
  • Use magical items to face the challenge of real-time combat and puzzle.solving.
  • Explore an interactive world where you can push, pull, open, and close — even break things!
  • Savor a tightly woven storyline that's enhance by grand cinematic musical themes.
  • Stunning 256-color VGA graphics and striking animations make this game a visual delight.
  • Variable difficulty settings allow players of all skill levels to be challenged!"
Box contents
  • "THE GENIE'S CURSE RULE BOOK": Booklet, 60 pages, softcover.
  • CD-ROM in plastic sleeve
  • IBM and Compatible CD-ROM And Disk Version Data Card
  • Ravenloft promotional booklet
  • Neverwinter Nights AOL preview
  • SSI Business Reply Card
  • You Wait is Over! Hint 900 number Card

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