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Balboa Game Company: The Complete Warlock

From the introduction: "Welcome to Warlock's Tower. The set of rules you hold in your hands are designed to be a major supplement to The Complete Warlock, published last year. In addition, with the information contained in this introduction, you can apply many of the things you find herein to other medieval fantasy games, especially role-playing ones."

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Image and information courtesy of Dan McCullough and Kynan Connor.

Enlarged scans

Warlock's Tower
Frequency Uncommon
Item Code n/a
Type Generic fantasy supplement
Copyright July 1979 by Balboa Game Company
Author(s) Kenneth Dahl, Mike Lowry, Pat Shea, and Nick Smith
Artwork Tim Finkas, Eric Alley, James Ralph Ahearn
Cartography n/a
Place of Publication Long Beach, California, United States
Printer n/a
Format Full sized, 77pp softcover
ISBN n/a
Cover Price n/a
Mass 210g
Dimensions length 27.3cm
width 21.4cm
thickness .6cm

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