Balboa Game Company

This company has a reputation for being a well known game shop in Los Angelas area. They hosted many a local gaming tournament and printed a number of games as well. They got their start making and selling wargames but shifted to fantasy like nearly everyone else in the late 70's. They were also linked to the Spartan wargaming magazine which was the independent west coast version of IFW (International Federation of Wargamers). Balboa's supplements are little more than a rewrite and reorganization of TSR's D&D rules. These rules were also printed in the Spartan Magazine.

Balboa Game Company also produced at least a couple of wargame titles. Tobruck; North Africa Battle and H-Hour; WWII Infrantry Combat.

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The Complete Warlock
Instant Badguys
Monkey God's Curse
The Warlock Menagerie
The Warlocks Tower





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