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AD&D First Quest THE MUSIC
Item code: na
Internal Code: na
Type: LP
Release: 1985
Executive Producer: Frank Rodgers
Musical Concept: John Hall
Text: Tom Kirby
Jim Bambra
Phil Gallagher
Adventure Creator: Dave Miller
Front and Inner Sleeve Artwork: Jeff Easley
Cartography: Geoff Wingate
Format: Double LP
Print Runs: → 1st
Rarity: Rare
Value @NrMint: $70
ISBN: na
Cover Price: na
Weight: grams
Dimensions: width: 31.5 cm
height: 31.5 cm
depth: 0.8 cm
Collectors arcana: This double LP features music with tracks for a mini adventure printed on both of the LP sleeves. The adventure is a hack-and-slash story for high-level characters. The monsters include demons, red dragons and the monster that gave the name to the stoner rock band Kyuss and his Sons of Kyuss. The music on the LPs is typical 80's synthesizer music. This is a really rare collector's item with beautiful Easley art. The item was produced by Filmtrax PLC, a UK based company. We assume the item was produced and sold exclusively within the UK (Also since Tom Kirby was involved, who did work on the UK item Fighting Wheel). Today, the UK is nearly the only source for these rare items.

The item was also released in a tape version.

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Track List:
  • First LP, Side One: The Quest Begins | The Bloodguard | Elves | The Sorcerers Apprentice | The Caravan | The Heroes Ride Out
  • First LP, Side Two: Gnomes | Hobgoblins | The River of Souls | The Gates of Hell
  • Second LP, Sine One: The Living Dead | Wandering Monsters | The Hall of Spiders | The Dragon Passages | The Room of Pools
  • Second LP, Side Two: The Lost Caves | In The Sorcerers Cave | The Summoning | The Crystal Chalice | The Return of Light | The Aftermath
Interior Art LP sleeve
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